Will you be the Divine for me?

“In Indian culture, there’s a time-honored custom that you have the right to go to another person – a man, a woman, a stranger – and ask him or her to be the incarnation of God for you. There are strict laws governing this. If the person agrees to be the incarnation of God for you, you must never pester him… the person becomes a kind of patron saint for you.”
– Robert A. Johnson, Inner Gold
Last night, in our Eclipse Sacred Circle, we gathered in groups of 3 – we called them Holy Trinities – for our Inner Gold ceremony. We exchanged our Inner Gold with one another and asked, “will you be the Incarnation of the Divine for me?”
Something about this simple request was deeply moving. It goes beyond just having your back, but having a witness and a living patron saint to hold a piece of your sacredness and be the reflection of your light in times of darkness. I had a very insightful discussion with astrologer and therapist Mark Jones on my podcast on this very topic of Inner Gold recently.
Who will incarnate the Divine for you now? 
As the Leo Solar Eclipse approaches, it’s vital that we maintain hope in one another and in ourselves. The more that light constellates, so too does darkness. The greatest figures of humanity knew this truth and didn’t let it deter them. 
Real change goes beyond outrage. Something must crystalize within us now to carry us through the rest of our lives with a solid purpose and commitment to truth. In my presentation on YouTube Shifting the Collective Destiny, I researched past transits of the North Node in Leo and found some striking correlations to the time we live in now in the lives of Rosa Parks and Ghandi.
In May, I joined Kaypacha Lescher in Costa Rica for a beautiful healing retreat and astrology conference Astrology Rising. One of the most moving experiences was a candle lit ritual where one by one we declared our mission in the emerging New Paradigm. When I look at this beautiful, serene image it’s such a contrast to those flooding the internet of tiki torches and wild-eyed anger. 
I declared my commitment to “usher in a New Paradigm of women all over the world who are enlightened, empowered and leading with the heart.”
What’s your declaration?
I fully believe each soul is on a unique journey in this lifetime. You must listen to your own calling and hold true to a greater vision of life. When you’re on the right path, life expands and miracles happen. 

Blessings for this transformative Solar Eclipse xo

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