What the bleep is going on?


It seems everyone is on one crusade or another these days. The “expansion noise” I spoke about at the full moon seems only to be getting louder. One moment we may be swept up in what appears to be a righteous and worthy cause, and the next we feel we’re witnessing a Mad Hatter Tea Party, disgusted with the rhetoric. Or we could just be dealing with our own personal crisis.

When did everything ‘go left’?

The Mutable Years

The astrology tells us that we’re moving from Cardinal energy of the last few years, into a time of Mutable energy for the next couple of years. With Cardinal energy, we can choose to start things and to move forward, or we can hesitate and let the opportunity pass.

Mutable energy, however, is more like being carried out to sea. We can float, swim or get swept up by wild currents. In any case, we’re now a part of the ocean of humanity.

It’s less about driving the bus and more about adjusting the sails. Our most powerful navigational tools will be our ability to be discerning and practice detachment. Witnessing the witness will provide us the perspective of our higher self that our soul evolution calls for.

Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – T-Square

Since last week, the intensity of the T-square has seen unexpected volatility and intensity in the world. Mars is the trigger for igniting the rebellion and deep transformation occurring on a global as well as a personal scale.

Mars in Libra can create passive-aggressive situations that can ignite disputes. If your goal is to truly maintain harmony, then just don’t go there right now. Many of us are harboring potentially explosive emotions or hypersensitive wounds that are better left undisturbed.

Royal Star Antares (9 Sagittarius) and Archangel Uriel

Saturn, Lord Karma, is approaching the royal star, Antares, and it’s kicking up the intensity to mythic proportions.

The keyword for Antares is ‘intensity’ and is the ‘heart of the Scorpion.’ It’s associated with transformation and war, being the ‘rival to Mars.’

But there is a silver lining to this star, as it also aligns with Archangel Uriel and the energy of spiritual enlightenment.

My friend and angel channel Teresa Mazzella says this of AA Uriel:

“Archangel Uriel offers us strength and compassion along our path. He lights our way with his golden light as we learn to embrace our knowledge, wisdom and gifts. He helps us move into Spiritual enlightenment as we find peace within. Uriel also helps us stay in alignment with our integrity. His powerful, bright and calming essence truly creates calmness within. He has such a beautiful and magical energy.

Call on Uriel for courage and understanding. He will help you see beyond the situation and see the spiritual aspect so that you can feel peace in the moment. He will ease confusion. His energy and very noble, very clear and very powerful. He will bring clarity.”

I’ll have more on Friday’s Sagittarius New Moon in a couple of days. As for now, remember that while the turmoil that affects the collective also affects us as individuals, the difference is that as individuals, we have consciousness. We have discernment. We can make choices to react, to respond and to witness.

May you find peace and clarity in these days ahead.


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