Virgo Full Moon | Integrating the Child Self


Virgo Full Moon
Monday, Feb 22
1:19pm EST
10:19am PST
3 degrees Virgo/Pisces

As the Virgo Full Moon nears, it’s likely that many of us are sensing an abundance of Virgo-like traits arising within and around us such as efficiency, organization, precision, purity. This can be excellent for skill mastery, but when Virgo energy is out of balance, it can lead to a pursuit for impossible standards of perfection and overwhelm us with anxiety.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 3 Virgo calls for an integration of our light and shadow.

Full Moons are a call for balance as the Moon aligns with the Sun in it’s opposite sign. For the Virgo Moon, the opposition lies with the Sun in Pisces, the sign of dissolving boundaries, limitless compassion, release of the ego to melt into the vastness of the cosmos.

Both Neptune and Jupiter – the modern and traditional rulers of Pisces – feature closely in this lunation and highlight the need to stay aligned with our divine calling in the pursuit of perfection. This suggests maintaining the Virgo objective of service while welcoming in spiritual intervention by taking a deep breath and surrendering ultimate control to a Higher power.

Ironically, Virgo is the sign most associated with health, yet our anxieties around our need for purity and perfection are what often lead to health issues stemming from these very anxieties. Pushing ahead when our bodies are calling for rest and nourishment may lead to a health crisis where the need to slow down and prioritize self care becomes non-negotiable.

The ruler of the Moon – Mercury – is in Aquarius and joined by Venus, inviting a sense of balance and detachment that can aid in our quest for truth.

This Full Moon is influenced by the near exact opposition of Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter rx in Virgo, amplifying the theme of healing and self-care. Chiron has a strong resonance with Virgo in that he’s an omen for transformation and healing of our soul wounds. There is an element of homeopathy with Chiron in that which wounds is also the healing medicine, so those themes of pain, shame and wounding brought to light during Chiron transits are often surfacing for the purpose of deep healing.

Some of the deepest level of healing is that of the Inner Child or Child Self. This type of work can often bring up great resistance at first, and often the person is unaware why they’re resisting. Many of us have an aversion to delving into our past and those shadowy memories of our childhood and the pain we’ve desensitized ourselves to.

Yet only by acknowledging this past pain can we then accept and integrate these lost parts of ourselves to once more become an authentic and truly whole being. One that deserves all the love she/he desires.

In a recent TMA article entitled “Chiron: Healing the Child Self,” Pam Younghans recounts the mythology of Chiron as abandoned by both parents at birth and never having fully healed this psychological wound, even after great success as a Master mentor and healer. She writes: “Like Chiron, we may not feel compelled to do the nurturing self-care required to heal these emotional wounds until we experience a disabling physical trauma or condition… We often successfully hide the effects of our core wound as we move through our lives — until we undergo a Chiron transit that compels us to look more deeply into the past.”

As I write this, I’m at my father’s home for his 79th birthday weekend surrounded by images of family photos that often blend into the background. But this time, I’m taking the opportunity to really look at them and particularly the ones of myself as a little child. Sending love into those innocent eyes, with compassion for all the joy, fear and craving for love behind them.

This week, take some time to loosen the reins of perfection so that you may truly see yourself beyond the striving of ego identity. Integration means loving all that contributes to your whole self.

Mantra: “I shelter my Child Self and embrace him/her with love. I am whole and aligned with my Divine path.”