Virgo Full Moon | Drawing down the Divine

Virgo Full Moon
22 deg 12 min Virgo/Pisces
Sunday, March 12
7:54am PST / 10:54am EST

The lunar goddess is in her fullness in practical Virgo, opposing the Sun in mystical Pisces. This opposition of earth and water symbolizes a need to balance the practical and the spiritual in our lives. This is an ideal time to take stock as the astrological year draws to a close and we near the March 20 Vernal Equinox which ushers in a new zodiacal year.

Practical insights ~

The Virgo Full Moon is an excellent time to clean house. Virgo energy needs often to be doing something practical and useful with attention to detail.

Literally cleaning one’s physical space, tidying up and throwing out what is no longer useful can help to channel the Virgo need to be busy so that it’s less likely to turn into stress or anxiety. Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac and strives for perfection and purity.

Virgo is also aligned with health, healing and self-care. At this time, health issues may come to light that need addressing in holistic ways. This is an excellent time to review your lifestyle and create a plan to make it more aligned with your optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

Astrological insights ~

The chart of the Full Moon has the Moon (emotions, habits) in practical Virgo opposed by the Sun (core being), Neptune (spirituality, illusion), Chiron (wounds, adaptation), Mercury (mind, communication) all in sensitive Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac.

Our sense of inspiration, spirituality and unconscious drives are best when channeled into meaningful work and inspired mastery. In this way, we’re “drawing down the divine” as we align with our inspiration to create small acts of humble service.

Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon is square Saturn in Sagittarius which can intensify our thinking with persecutory messages against ourselves or against other people. We want to be careful of fundamentalist thinking or projecting our own self-criticism onto others. Venus is retrograde in Aries which can indicate difficulty relating or old resentments coming back around for review. Mars, newly in Taurus, can provide the stability to calm the fire of Venus rx and align with our loyalty and steadiness.

Spiritual insights ~

Looking back at the Virgo Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 we can review our goals and intentions from that time and see how far we’ve come. We can ask ourselves what seeds were planted at that time that now need weeding, nurturing and re-committing to? Virgo strives for mastery so no matter how far you’ve come since last September, know that the road to mastery is long and often takes renewed dedication.

Virgo is also concerned with sexuality and morality.  It’s the sign of the virgin and the whore – both sacred aspects of the feminine when viewed holistically – but in patriarchal society these aspects of the feminine may lead to an internal moral struggle or psychological dilemma. Part of Virgo’s challenge is to heal the persecutory messages around sexuality and morality. Aligning with the Piscean virtues of forgiveness and compassion can be helpful in finding healing around internalized judgements and shame.

Ritual ~
Purify + Serve – Bless a glass of water with the power of purifying your entire physical, emotional and spiritual body. As you drink, know that it is causing a release of any guilt, judgement and shame. Then, create a sacred act of kindness in the world in complete humility and service (e.g., donate to an animal shelter or homeless shelter, send a note to a friend in need, help an elderly person with household chores, etc).

Mantra ~
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
-Mahatma Gandhi