venus retrograde july 2015

{Venus Retrograde} Earning Your Regal Crown

We are entering the portal of the Venus retrograde cycle. Venus has recently entered the service-oriented sign of Virgo and will be stationing retrograde this Saturday on the royal star, Regulus.

Regulus is the regal star that can bestow great blessings and honors. However, the message of this degree is about discrimination, which is also the overall message of the Venus rx period. Let’s not confuse discrimination with snobbishness or haughtiness, although those are on the spectrum. This is a time for us to turn inward – as all retrogrades essentially are – and to get clear on what pleases us and what we value. Whereas Mercury rx can be confusion of the mind, think of Venus rx as confusion of the heart. It’s a time to become Awake and Aware of our hearts desire.

As I said, we are in a portal – a liminal state. And because we are in this state where everything may appear strange, it’s best if we avoid to take things at face value. Almost everyone alive is still reeling from the recent intense New Moon and just as we’re licking our wounds from recent power struggles, we’re finding that very little is as it was now that we’re returning from battle. The welcome party may not be there, but you can still honor your inner dignity for yourself.

Venus rules Libra – our sociability and relationships – as well as Taurus – our self worth. These are two distinct areas of our lives, but how often do we believe them to be one and the same? When our friendships and relationships become lacking, we often blame it on ourselves. Consider that your self worth is yours and yours alone. No one can determine your value but you. It’s time to release the dependency for value outside of yourself. If your friends turn away right now, or if you become averse to them, know that this may be temporary. We are all being called to turn inward.

There is another promise of this Venus rx, and that is to align us with our gifts that can truly be of service to the world – to the one soul consciousness. Venus is exalted in Pisces which is our connection to the Divine and the Universal collective. Where Pisces is in your chart will indicate the greatest jewels that can be earned during this time period, and it usually has to do with your psychic gifts and spiritual consciousness.

If we take this time period to heal our hearts, shore up our self-worth and re-examine what we truly value, we will come out the other side of it truly deserving of our crown.

Keep calm and shine on!

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