Venus joins Pluto | Divine Feminine Power


Throughout January, Mercury passed through the Uranus-Pluto square, causing chaos in our minds and words…

Now, it’s Venus’s turn in the spotlight.

Venus – Goddess of the feminine, relationships, harmony – is in Capricorn and here she is dignified, reserved and more able to assert boundaries in relationships.

Don’t be fooled, she’s not without passion – but she prefers to express it privately and in a focused manner that achieves results.

She’s the ultimate female BOSS and she’s ready to get to work.

By Thursday and Friday, Venus joins Pluto, Lord of Transformation. Superficial relationships simply won’t satisfy.

Venus-Pluto wants to penetrate deeply, feel intensely, make love passionately. She craves to be consumed by the fire of her desires.

Can she clean up the mess left by Mercury with her grace and dignity? Perhaps.

Or she may just decide to cast aside what was shattered and enter into a sacred marriage with Pluto to reach greater depth where true regenerative healing lies.

If January was a wash, clear the decks and start fresh. The New Year begins now.

Have a blessed week, sister Goddesses xo

PS – Guys, make room for the feminine to be expressed in your life this week. She’s not in a mood to play around.