Mama Gena

{Venus in Leo} The Courageous Heart

In 2011, I attended RHH Live and of the glamorous lineup of star speakers, the one that really knocked it out of the park was Mama Gena. She made quite an entrance – she was carried in like Cleopatra on the shoulders of several buff shirtless men (Soooo Venus in Leo! But I’ll get to that in a minute).

She challenged the audience of female entrepreneurs to come up to the mic and “brag.” The audience remained firmly in their seats, shyly glancing at each other. Mama Gena wasn’t surprised. She ordered the audience to stop being “nice girls” and said that if this were a room filled with men in sales they’d be fighting each other to share their brags.

Gingerly at first, a few women were brave enough to step up and share what were actually some mind blowing accomplishments – not only growing their businesses rapidly but giving back to their families and communities and making a difference in the world. Soon, the line to the mic grew long and women were eager to share their stories.

When the crowd was sufficiently teary-eyed and alight with inspiration, Mana Gena told us to get up and dance. Of course, we weren’t dancing enthusiastically enough for her. She thrusted her hips and barked, “C’mon, dance from your pu**ies!!!”

And with that, she brought the house down.

This weekend Venus made her grand entrance into the spotlight of daring, audacious Leo, where she will tour through October. Venus shines in Leo, where she gives herself permission to be bold, brave and defiant. This is an excellent placement for our creative endeavors and we’ll find that if we’re clear on what we’re called to do, we’ll confidently launch ourselves to receive the praise and admiration we deserve.

We’re nearing the end of Mercury retrograde and as Mercury slows to station direct on the 11th, we’ll find an increase in communication misfires and misinterpretations. However, Venus is Leo is too busy basking in the glory of her brilliance to care. She knows it’s less about content and more about intention. Onward she goes!

There’s another dimension to Venus in Leo that’s worth aligning with and that’s the element of compassion. Forgiveness takes real courage and behind her dynamic exterior, it’s a courageous heart that beats within Venus in Leo. Her heart is big, strong and it won’t back down. As much as she wants the spotlight on her, she loves to see others shine too. We’re being called to be courageous in our expression of love, compassion and generosity.

Venus in Leo is a chance to step up to the mic, open your heart and allow the flow of love in all directions. Let your boldness emerge. Now, get up and dance!

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