Venus direct in Pisces

Venus is slowing to station direct on Saturday, as she comes bearing gifts of love, beauty and value as well as spiritual lessons on the nature of our hearts.
She’s taken us on a journey of experiencing the light and shadow of how we relate in a quest for deep understanding. In a sense, we’ve been on a pilgrimage of cultivating a more awakened heart. 
When our very survival feels threatened, we re-prioritize our values. Can we see how a generosity of heart is always available no matter what the outer circumstance?
This alchemy may feel intensified as she joins with the wounded healer Chiron and squares Saturn on the Galactic Center. The compassion and forgiveness of Pisces is the balm for our soul wounds and we can sense the karmic duty we have around making things right with ourselves and those we care about. 
The results of your Venus soul searching are emerging into conscious awareness as she turns direct. Although they can take time to integrate, the impressions are deep and indelible. 
As Venus continues on her Odyssey as a Morning Star, a 19-month journey as an impassioned warrior, she carries with her the soul lessons of this experience reminding us what’s worth fighting for. 
In relationship to Earth, Venus produces a pentagram in the shape of a 5-pointed star which echos the sacred geometry of the human body and its extremities. This pentagram shape is the “womb of creation.” As Venus stations direct, take a moment this weekend to embody her by standing in this mudra, arms outstretched, welcoming her gifts and spiritual lessons.

The New Paradigm begins and ends with each one of us and calls for a fierce purity of heart.

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