Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces | Liquid Love


“The very presence of reality itself is love.

Yet people are wandering lost in a world that is just made of love – like liquid love, they are swimming in liquid love – and yet they are drowning for lack of love.

Yet all around us is this infinite field of love in which we’re carried.  And when you can connect with that field of innate love it has the capacity to be radically healing.”

-Mark Jones on the Pisces archetype

The Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces is the first of three Supermoons in a row.  The lunation is exact on March 8 at 8:57pm EDT at 18 degrees Pisces.

We’ve been swimming in the eclipse vortex for a couple of weeks now, soon to be deeply and profoundly submerged in it’s healing waters.

The liminal space created by eclipses allows destiny to open her kimono and bring to light what’s often too sacred to be revealed.  Such as insights on our potential and where the road we’re currently traveling on is leading.

This Solar Eclipse in joined with Chiron, the soul healer and maverick planet, who appears as an omen of profound healing.  Without wounds there can be no healing and without pain, no forgiveness.  Chiron is often a visceral reminder of this wisdom, emphasized by the opposition to expansive Jupiter.

The lunar Nodes of Destiny so closely involved in the New Moon alignment is the element creating the fate-inducing eclipse portal.  They usher in relationships and events that become significant and demand our attention as a new 19-year eclipse cycle begins in our lives.

These Eclipse waters invite our pain to be absolved  if we allow ourselves the space to float in the infinite field of liquid love.  Because we are flooded with so much Pisces energy – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, Ceres all in this watery sign – we’ll need to go beyond our capacity for conceptualizing.

This is a journey of finding the peace that lies within.

As Mark Jones points out, “The clearest way to go with a Neptune flow is to find the sources of love in your life and to enter into a state of willingness and acceptance to just be with that love and to keep developing the love you have.”

The house this eclipse falls in can indicate an area of life where a source of love exists.  Have you tapped into it yet?  There’s nothing more refreshing than drinking from the source of love that was there all along.

Every eclipse pair – from the New Moon Solar Eclipse to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – can move us to the core.  That’s why for the second eclipse season in a row, I’ve created a small, private group for support, witnessing and care.

There’s still time to join my Eclipse Ritual Series for the month of March that offers group rituals via video conference for the Solar Eclipse, Equinox and Lunar Eclipse all happening in March.  And if you haven’t yet viewed the webinar Summoning the Goddess Within: The March Eclipses it’s available for purchase in the store.

Mantra: “May all beings be saturated in peace and loving kindness.”


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