Venus Greatest Brilliancy + Taurus Supermoon

As New Moons go, the Taurus Super New Moon today is fertile, indeed. New Moons in Earth signs are generally seen as auspicious for planting seeds of growth and abundance. No matter what struggles we’ve recently faced in our survival anxiety, self-worth and value assessment of our lives we can begin a new phase intending that growth is possible and within our grasp because we are survivors and we’re worth it.

As the Moon is in is closest approach to Earth, its a Supermoon so the feels are enhanced and we can allow ourselves to indulge in all that delights the senses and heals the soul. The bouquet of life is ours to enjoy.

Venus the ruler of this Super New Moon is now direct and in her Morning star “warrior” phase. She’s separating from her burdensome square to Saturn and emerging from the soul wounds of Chiron in the healing waters of Pisces. She’s at her brightest in the morning sky rising before the Sun and reaches her greatest brilliancy May 1st. The Goddess of the sky is claiming her right to pleasure.

The Sabian Symbol for the Supermoon at the 7th degree of Taurus is “The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well.”

In opening to relating that touches us deeply, free of judgement and conditioning, we create a New Paradigm of love in the world. We have the power to heal the ancestral wounds that echo throughout lifetimes and timelines and bring renewal to our faith in love.