Taurus Super Full Moon | Indulgent gems


Taurus Super Full Moon
Monday, Nov 14,
5:52 am PDT / 8:52 am EDT
22 degrees 37 min Taurus / Scorpio

The Taurus Full Moon will be a potent “Supermoon” as it will be the closest to the Earth in 70 years, magnetizing our sensations in the luxuriant way that only Taurus can.

Full Moons often bring matters to fruition or to a crisis point. Taurus is primarily concerned with survival and with taking personal responsibility in ensuring one’s own emotional security needed to guarantee that survival and make it sustainable.

A potential silver lining of this Supermoon is that the Moon is exalted in Taurus and rules decan II, where the Full Moon falls. This decan is associated with success, indulgence and prosperity. This is a generous Moon that loves to share spoils of success, so be open to receiving the gifts bestowed upon you by this Full Moon.

Venus, ruler of the Full Moon, will be newly in Capricorn, emphasizing the desire for security and the limits to how we’ve been meeting them. She’ll remind us that there are yet more mountains to climb and responsibilities toward the legacy we want to leave behind. Saturn on the Great Attractor suggests a seriousness toward one’s personal philosophy and crystallizing it into resolve.

The Sabian Symbol for this Taurus Full Moon is ~

“A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”

Here we have an image of what glitters is indeed gold. True success comes from dedication toward excellence and a focus on what is truly valuable. How we’ve cultivated ourselves over time and the ‘gems’ of wisdom we’ve integrated into our daily life are revealed. We’re granted the awareness of the karma we’ve seeded in the past and an illumination of the truths we tell ourselves. Taking a realistic look at how we’ve cultivated our self development enables us to access our inner gold.

For the majority of this month, Neptune is slowing to station direct in Pisces joined with the South lunar Node deepening our collective yearning for peace and soul healing. As the great tide begins to turn in direct motion, we’re carried into the ocean of the collective consciousness, dissolving our emotional boundaries between ‘I’ and the ‘All’. Losing ourselves through addictions such as alcohol, sex or other means of escape are tempting now, but distract us from the profound experience of this time.

The Sun in Scorpio is in a flowing trine to Chiron in Pisces suggesting the shamanic power and insight available as the deep soul wounds of the patriarchy emerge at this time in history. Our deepest emotional security needs are brought to the light of awareness. On a personal level, the collective wounds can transform our sense of purpose and fuel our passion.

For many of us, our core has been shaken but we must have the courage to go deep within and take ownership of who we’re being at this turning point in history.

Looking back to the beginning of this cycle at the May 6 Taurus New Moon, the Sabian Symbol was “a symbolic battle between ‘swords’ and ‘torches.’” Now, as we face the climax of this cycle, we ask ourselves what in us has arisen as the battle rages on and how we’ve been transformed by our internal struggle for survival, meaning and purpose.


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