Taurus Full Moon | Drop the Mask

Taurus Full Moon
Nov 3, 10:22pm PT / Nov 4, 1:22am ET
11deg 58min Taurus/Scorpio

Tonight’s Taurus Full Moon challenges us to find the depth of love for our authentic self. Taurus relates to the level of our biological survival and a Full Moon in Taurus can trigger anxiety and the urge to limit one’s focus to the absolute essentials out of this fear. This survival anxiety can mask the deeper lesson of Taurus which is one of self love and true inner peace.

The crisis point is the polarity of Scorpio urging a transcending of limitations for the purpose of growth and metamorphosis. We may need to operate on many levels – as we stay engaged in the level of survival we cannot forget our spiritual integrity nor the soul development that is calling to us. Taurus is known to be stubborn yet the more we cling to our worn out beliefs, the more we stand in the way of our evolution.

Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon is in a tight opposition to Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus in Aries is a rebellious factor in transforming the self, calling for an authenticity in our persona and awakening to the ways in which we keep ourselves small or trapped. The harmony of Venus in Libra can be upset by the urgent need to express truth.

As Saturn squares Chiron, we may find that our woundedness carries weight. When we drop the mask of who we claim to be – no matter how dazzling the persona – and return to who we truly are, we discover the exquisite beauty in our genuine rawness and profound truth. There is nothing more precious than the reality of the soul emerging.