Sun-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn | Masterpiece of Extraordinary Value

[ Pictured: me in my past life as an art dealer in 2008]

If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches; for the Creator, there is no poverty.
– Rainer Maria Rilke

What’s the difference between a $100 painting and a $100,000 one?
Or a 1 Million dollar one?

For over a decade I sold fine art for a living and it was like earning a PhD in the concept of value. At some stage, I reached a point when I was confident I knew what an artwork was worth in the marketplace. There’s an inner knowing that every art dealer acquires.

A number would arise first from intuition. If I were to break it down, it probably had to do with the size of the piece, the artist’s education, experience, reputation (a big one) and the quality the piece evokes. From that number we would take into consideration what the market would bear, but that was secondary. Fine art dictates that appropriate value is essential and the market would either rise to meet that value or not.

The greatest works of art all have a story behind them, often one of intense struggle and/or soaring triumph. At the end of the day, a painting is simply paint on a canvas. Yet the Masterpieces of extraordinary value carry with them a personal mythology, one that transcends the simple raw material of paint on canvas.

Venus’ Underworld purification

Venus, the planet that rules value, is emerging from her Underworld tryst with the Sun and intense Pluto in Capricorn, inviting the potential to create extraordinary value. Venus has been invisible in the sky since November and will not be visible again until March, yet as her purification completes, she enters a new phase of evolution. There’s an alchemical aura infusing all that we hold sacred about ourselves, our relationships and that which we value. She’s now viscerally aware that her power is sourced from within and that her self-worth is reflected in how she wears her crown of Sovereignty. Today is a new day for Venus and she means business in Capricorn.

These have been some intense days as Mars the planet of action and instinct triggered Jupiter in Scorpio. The sextile of Scorpio-Capricorn is an opportunity to reclaim our lost power. If you find yourself irritated or lashing out about small things, you’re likely wasting this intense energy that is best applied toward focused creativity. #TimesUp for our insecurity, shame, disempowerment and playing small.

After Oprah’s rousing and defiant speech at the Golden Globes, intuitive Lee Harris posted “all I could think of when I saw her was, ‘what a Masterpiece of a woman.’” Indeed she is. And she became one through her extraordinary heroine’s journey. This is why she inspires us in the possibility that we too can rise from the depths, transcend our pain and become extraordinary.

Your personal myth

We all come into this life with the same raw material. Our circumstances help to shape us but they do not dictate our level of consciousness – the same goes for our astrological signatures. We all face moments of grace, opportunities for growth and experiences of failure as well as triumph. If we live long enough, everyone will be challenged by the Saturn return at about 29 years, face an opportunity to surrender the ego in the Pluto square at 37-38 and be initiated by our Chironic soul wounds at 50-51. These signatures alone show us that we’re all on our own hero’s journey but how we face these experiences and whether we choose to grow from them or be diminished by them is entirely up to us.

Now is the time to re-frame your personal myth. What were the periods of metamorphosis that shaped and defined you? How can they lead to your triumph and creation of your own Masterpiece of self? Write the story of your journey from the vantage point of the soul creating through you.


The Co-Create Your Destiny course will be an immersion into creating our Soul Vision and re-defining who we are in the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to delve deep into the eclipse alchemy for personal insight, and to be witnessed and supported. We’ll explore the astrology of transformation as guideposts on the journey to create our own personal mythology.

We have a beautiful group forming now. If you feel called, please join us!


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