{Sun on the Galactic Center | Your Inner Creator}


The Sun, our brightest source of light in the galaxy is currently at 26 Sagittarius, the degree of the Galactic Center and the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. Allow yourself to be lifted up and away by a sense of aspiration, optimism and hope for the future in this special day of solar power within.

While the Moon is currently void in Pisces until late afternoon Eastern time, we may be floating, flow or sink into a temporary lull, but shift into Aries can provide the wake up call that our heart yearns for.

We’re still in the whirl of Mercury Out of Bounds and the next few days the landscape can be especially electric in our communication. Mercury’s in no-nonsense Capricorn where it’s joining the intense, transformational Pluto which can add a sense of seriousness, purpose and focus to our minds and words.

Both Capricorn and Sagittarius are signs of judgement, so the sense of having to correct or be corrected can be intense. If you are the judge, consider the purpose. If you’re the one being judged, consider the source.

This weekend, Mercury moves into square with Uranus in Aries which can open the pathway for flashes of insight, sudden revelations and words that take you by surprise.

This creates a vivid picture of deep change, creative power and purposeful vision. Align with your Inner Creator by tapping into the profound well of source energy available to you now.

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