Sun-Chiron in Pisces | Inner Revelations


The eclipse experience continues…

On Friday, the Sun in Pisces joins Chiron – the Soul Healer – and highlights the what still needs to be soothed from the recent powerful solar eclipse.

Profound waters were stirred up at the eclipse.  Now more than ever, we see that the beliefs we align with are essential for living a life with meaning.

How we have behaved in the past, what we have believed in the past and who we were ‘being’ in the past can cause us guilt, confusion or pain.  Pisces is a call for deepening in compassion and love, realizing that NOW is what matters the most.

Chiron’s association with mentorship was emphasized at the eclipse.  Chiron – the Master teacher to the great Heros of mythology – may call on you to pass on your wisdom to worthy students or perhaps find your own mentor who aligns with your current path.

Or, more simply as Steven Forrest says, to be a “steadying hand” to another in need.

The Sabian Symbol for the 22nd degree of Pisces where the Sun and Chiron join is A PROPHET CARRYING TABLETS OF THE NEW LAW IS WALKING DOWN THE SLOPES OF MOUNT SINAI.

This message is about the INNER REVELATION after the shift of the peak experience.

This alignment can inspire creativity, aligned action, forgiveness or simply a deepening of understanding of oneself.

By Saturday, Venus enters Pisces, where she’s exalted, creating intensely tender, nostalgic and romantic undertones in our relationships.  Barriers to authentic heart connections may just dissolve like sugar in water.

Whatever your inner revelation, honor it as Divine wisdom that is yours to integrate at the level of heart and soul.

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