| Starcast June 26 – July 2 |

The week ahead features a constellation of energy in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer feeling the intense pressure from Pluto in Capricorn amping up personal power and subconscious drives. How we go about getting what desire and need against external resistance is highlighted. By the end of the week, the Chiron station retrograde in Pisces will open our hearts to what heals our deepest spiritual wounds.

:: Our dreams will be especially active this week as Neptune trines the Cancer planets – keep a dream journal to note important messages from your subconscious ::

The Sun (consciousness), Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) are in watery Cancer this week and we may find these areas of our life unstable, as Cancer is moody and changeable. Mercury will want to meditate on things, feeling its way into issues and can often be at a loss for words. Whereas Mars in Cancer can reach a boiling point of emotion when provoked.

The Leo Moon on Monday and Tuesday provides an over the top energy to the mix to an already intense atmosphere. The positive side of Leo is generosity, warmth and adoration. I often find Leo Moons are a great time to give someone you love an ‘ego boost’ on these days – it’s a mutual win.

On Wednesday, the Virgo Moon may make us nit-picky and wanting to ‘get it right.’ Mercury joins Mars which can be an especially irritable energy in touchy Cancer. Innocent remarks can be met with snappy responses or cold shoulders. The positive side of this aspect is when silence is broken and we share our emotional needs in our most significant relationships.

The power struggles this week will reach a climax by week’s end as the intense pressure of Pluto in Capricorn opposes Mars-Mercury. Pluto is the unstoppable force and we can find ourselves driven by subconscious forces or meeting with intense resistance to our efforts. This is often a ‘win at all costs’ aspect where no one is willing to back down. What is worth fighting for and defending? These are questions to ask ourselves now as our most critical needs and values come to light.

Friday, we’ll see Chiron stationing retrograde in Pisces. Chiron illuminates our deepest soul wounds as well as our ability to find wholeness. In Pisces, these wounds are timeless, holy and originate from divine love. I’ll explore this transit in more depth in my podcast out later this week.

The weekend’s Libra Moon will trigger the T-square with Jupiter-Pluto-Mars inviting opportunities for partnerships, abundance and justice. As the Moon slips into Scorpio on Sunday afternoon EDT, we’ll want to take time to align with the powerful transformative process taking place.

Starcasts illuminate a picture of the overall energy for the week. For insight on your personal astrological destiny, schedule an Astrological Guidance Session.

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