past life reading

2 HR Past Life Session

| This 2 hr experience includes |

: Astrological guidance session (1hr)
: Guided meditation (30 min)
: Remote energy clearing (30 min)

Each of our souls is on a unique journey through many lifetimes. Within each lifetime certain profound experiences and expressions carry a karmic imprint that extends beyond the lifetime. The astrology chart reveals what emerges from these imprints. Archetypal energies that have played out in the past can manifest as either innate gifts or as burdens that hamper your life progress and spiritual growth.

Together, we’ll illuminate the story of your soul’s journey as you gain greater clarity on the quality of your consciousness. This work can be profoundly healing for the soul and nourishing to the spirit.

While each session is unique, the benefits of a past life reading may include ~

: Breaking negative habits or relationship patterns

: Healing of ancient soul wounds

: A deeper and more complete understanding of yourself

: Clarity on your life’s mission

| Client testimonials |

“Upon receiving my reading, I was blown away with how truly gifted Christina is! Her explanation of concepts and themes in my life left me feeling more connected to the person I inherently am; I just made more sense to me! On top of her immense breadth of knowledge and understanding, Christina is such a warm and nurturing soul, and it is so apparent that she has been called to share these gifts to serve our Higher good and help us navigate our life path.”

-Sherri Hayter

“I’m a professional psychic and energy healer and so I’m very picky about who I trust to read for me. If you want an empowering astrology reading that speaks to your soul, I cannot recommend Christina highly enough. You will love it.”

-Erin-Ashley Kerti

| The Session |

In this 90 minute session and guided meditation via video conference, you’ll discover ~

: Your archetypal role from your most recent prior life.

: The ego’s priorities of the past life and how they impact your current life.

: How past life energies are manifesting in this lifetime as innate gifts or as burdens that prevent your progress.

: Your soul’s intention in this lifetime and future potential to evolve into.

| Remote Energy Clearing |

After completion of your reading, you’ll receive a 30 minute remote energy clearing to facilitate integration of the session and calming of any energies stirred during the healing.