Chart Reading Video Course

Focus. Clarity. Insight.

As astrologers, we aspire to reveal the mystery of the cosmos through the natal chart, the cosmic map of the soul.

The challenge is knowing where to focus first to tap into the gold – what I call the radiance – of the chart.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating when faced with a new chart. Even if you’ve been studying astrology for years, you can still be confused with how to enter into the chart so that it really comes to life.

In this 5 Module video course, you’ll learn my step-by step-method of 5 Focal Points for Chart Reading. Each video cover a Focal Point that will reveal the areas of highest impact in the chart so that you can quickly connect with the essence of the chart.

This course will take you from confusion and overwhelm to focus and clarity – even if you’ve never read another person’s chart before – so that you can confidently navigate the chart and unlock its radiance.

Myth: you need to learn complex astrology techniques to gain wisdom from the chart

Truth: if you know where to focus first, chart reading can be simple yet profound

What you’ll learn:
: The 5 Focal Points will show you where to zero in to find the most impactful areas of the chart.

: The karmic signatures influence the potential of the lifepath.

: The powerful subconscious drives can be running the show in the consciousness.

Client testimonials ~

leah-redI’ve lazy-studied astrology for nearly two decades, and I’m still amazed by how much is there, and increasingly more convinced of how important it is to have a skilled, educated, and highly intuitive astrologer such as Christina guiding me through all of this information. Her work is life-changing, and I’m grateful to receive Christina’s guidance! Many, many thanks!!”
– Leah Tioxin


“I have worked with a lot of astrologers over the years and Christina Caudill is absolutely amazing. She has such a unique combination of softness and specificity in the way she interprets my chart and provides guidance based on that information. Christina is deeply dedicated to her own path and that enriches her work as an astrologer. I feel so honored to have crossed paths with Christina and she will be my go-to for astrological advice from now on!” – Lynn Louise Wonders

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This course is for:

: Beginner and intermediate level astrology students seeking to gain focus and deeper insight in chart analysis
: Budding practicing astrologers seeking to hone their chart analysis skills
: Healers, therapists and intuitives interested in astrology for emotional healing and spiritual insight

This course may not be for you if:

: You don’t yet have a basic understanding of astrology such as the planets, zodiac signs, aspects and houses.
[Note ~ For those seeking beginner astrology, please check out my Summer School session in July/August. Subscribe to my email list to be notified.]

: You’re highly knowledgeable but not willing to enter with ‘beginner’s mind’ and put aside all you’ve learned in order to focus on a few key concepts that make the most impact.

As a student of the course, you’ll receive:

: 5 Video class recordings of each of the 5 video webinars (30 min to 60 min in length).

: PDF Workbook on the 5 Focal Point Chart Reading method.

: Lifetime access to updates to this video course.

: Private Facebook group to gather with other students of the course with additional tips and resources.