September 2017 Starcast

As we wade through the residue of the eclipses of August, many of us are forever changed in some fundamental way. The alchemical solar eclipse experience was intended to renew our core being and reshape our character.

The liminal twilight of the eclipse suddenly gave way to relentless storms bludgeoning and baptizing parts of the world, dissolving structures both physical and emotional. Let’s remember the Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree is “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.” If we’ve forgotten that we’re made not only of flesh but also of water and spirit, surely we’re remembering this now.

August was the unveiling and now comes the unfolding. The Sun continues its tour through Virgo for most of the month, which can help distill meaning out of the chaos and clamor surrounding us. Knowing what you know now – about the state of the world, about what you’re capable of and where your priorities stand – you have the opportunity to respond in fresh creative ways. The lunations this month are along the Virgo/Pisces axis and have a message of transmuting the collective grief into meaningful acts of healing.

Our patience is tested as the month begins with Mercury conjunct Mars re-triggering the eclipse degree of 28 Leo from Sept 1 to 4. It’s easy for impatience and restlessness to get the better of us. We’ll want to be awake and aware during the Mercury station direct on Sept 5 on the eclipse degree for clarity on our creative potential.

The eclipse vortex comes to a close at the Pisces Full Moon on Sept 6 whose theme is ‘catharsis’. With Neptune aligned with the Full Moon, the emotional impact may prove overwhelming for some. If we were the gods, when would we say enough is enough and turn down the volume of the storm? In fact, we are the gods of our own emotions and we have the power to calm the raging tempests within. In this way, we can command our own universe.

Virgo New Moon Sept 19-20 invites an opportunity to renew and purify. The Pisces-Virgo axis often carries themes of cleansing, atonement and forgiveness. After the deluge of awareness of the Pisces Full Moon, Virgo allows us to rest and digest. Sifting through the debris of what’s arisen in our lives allows us to then analyze, contemplate and more fully assimilate the experience and move forward.

The Libra Equinox on Sept 22 ushers in the arrival of Fall in Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The Libra Equinox is a symbolic turning point of balancing extremes. The Equinox chart is conjunct Vesta, the sacred duty. In Libra, this highlights beauty, art, harmony and diplomacy and elevates these themes to the sublime.

Jupiter opposite Uranus on Sept 27 aligns in its third and final time, the previous oppositions taking place December 26, 2016 and March 2, 2017. Jupiter in Libra wants justice and harmony while Uranus in Aries is willing to overturn the status quo and start fresh. Harmony may need to give way to a greater calling toward a more authentic and liberated future.

The month ends with the unstoppable force of Pluto stationing direct Sept 28. As Pluto begins its slow and inevitable emergence from the underworld, deep buried secrets come to light. Pluto in Capricorn has symbolized the disintegration of structures, disillusion of government protection as we’d known it and the revealing of the ‘Plutocracies’ of billionaires whose power comes from wealth. These karmic revelations can be a long time coming but in the end we can be assured that only the truth will set us free.

Astrology Reading | Client Testimonial

“My reading was so incredibly spot on with where I am with my work and how I get myself out into the world. Christina spoke of alignment with self, work and being truly authentic and brave with my spiritual path, I could feel the alignment as I was reading! Shine my light and others will shine theirs!

Christina is the most thoughtful Astrologer I have come across. Her words are are so thoughtful and gracious. She has shown me that when you find your calling and true purpose, it is effortless to give your gifts fully without hesitation. She is the embodiment of love and acceptance.”

– Michelle DeWitt, Intuitive Adviser