September 2015 Exquisite expansion

September is here and with it comes a variety of cosmic alignments that is sure to reveal the calibre of who we are becoming.  As Abraham-Hicks would say, “this is the time to mold the clay.”

I rarely do a monthly review because with so many influences in any given month, it’s challenging to pinpoint which will impact any one person the most.  It’s also essential, I believe, to feel your way into it.  The raw data of astrology can only go so far.  It’s up to us to walk the path and for that data to come alive in our personal experience.

The last time I emphasized a major cosmic shift for this year was in March for the Spring Equinox.  My how much has happened since then!  This month of September is another shift, but more of an about-face and it’s the one we’ve been waiting for.

The major events are Venus station direct, Mercury retrograde in Libra, two eclipses, Saturn changing signs and Pluto stationing direct.  I’ll be providing more details closer to these events, however, the overall sense is that this month heralds a new era in our forward evolution and the expansion of light on Earth.  This light, however, is not a given.  It’ll be up to each one of us to stoke our own personal connection to source energy and fuel it for the purposes of creation, healing, evolution and love.  And in your own unique way, following your special chosen path.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

Sept 1 – Venus rx joins Mars at 14 Leo.  This will be a “coming together” of the goddess of love and the god of action.  Whatever drama may ensue, know that everything is an opportunity.  The Moon will be void all afternoon, giving us an opportunity to take some space from the drama and re-asses whether this is a passing storm or an invitation to let go with love.

Sept 6 – Venus stations direct at 14 Leo.  Since July, we’ve learned many lessons from our Venus about how we love, our self worth, what pleases us and what repels us.  She is now in the Morning Sky and is ready to start getting her mojo back.  Venus as a Morning Star will continue to grow more determined to value her own needs and desires.

Sept 13 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo asks us to gain mastery over where we can be of service in our lives.  All eclipses have a sense of destined events and if we’re paying attention, we can get a glimpse into our future evolution.  This opens the “eclipse portal” through to the Sept 28 Lunar Eclipse.

Sept 17 – Mercury stations retrograde AND Jupiter opposes Neptune.  Mercury stations retrograde in Libra through Oct 8.  Libra wants justice, balance and fairness.  This period would be an excellent time to brush up on your debating skills, but leave space – and lots of it – for misunderstandings.  Aim for balance and win-win situations.   At the same time Jupiter opposes Neptune – think of this as the Pisces Supermoon energy Act II.  Dreams, intuition and inspiration will be amplified.

Sept 19 – Saturn enters Sagittarius, ending it’s 3 year run in deep, transformative Scorpio.  Saturn in Scorpio brought us many endings and gave us visceral experiences of shame and transformation.  This new phase of Saturn in Sagittarius brings us the opportunity to make our grand vision real in the world.

Sept 25 – Pluto stations direct in Capricorn.  Pluto went retrograde in mid-April and of all of the many retrogrades this summer, this one was one of the biggest responsible for the strong magnetic pull back (to our past and/or past lives) and down (into our subconscious and hidden drives).  As Pluto stations direct, we’ll feel more empowered and be compelled to not let anything stand in our way of progress.  Play big and play with passion.

Sept 27 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries.  Just when we thought we had done all the “transforming” we needed to do… oh no, we’re not done yet.  This is a highly significant eclipse that will likely transform our close partnerships and our sense of social justice.  What do we believe in and what’s worth standing up for?  Pay attention to how the Divine Feminine is emerging in your life.

Align with your purpose and cherish every step of the journey.  Everything is in perfect harmony if you listen and create from your heart.  Wishing you a blessed September of exquisite expansion.



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