Scorpio New Moon | What’s your secret?

Scorpio New Moon
Sunday, Oct 30 @ 1:38pm EDT
7 deg 44 min Scorpio

Scorpio season feels ancient and shamanic. As the leaves turn color and fall away, we notice a natural turning inward as we seek a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Scorpio is the hidden depths and we all have Scorpio somewhere in our personal astrology. Everyone has secrets, unconscious desires and a place in the psyche where shadow resides.

Scorpio rules phobias, obsessions and sexuality so it follows that this time of year we masquerade as witches and zombies as our internal shadow crawls into our awareness. There’s intensity and ecstasy here as well as a level of shame in the rawness of it all.

This is the time of year when gouls and goblins emerge as we celebrate Halloween, Samhain and the ancestral Day of the Dead. The New Moon is trine dreamy Neptune and the veil between this world and the ancestral realm is lifted. The community of ancestors awaits us to call on them for support and for clarity on how to carry on their legacy.

We’ve also been witness this week to the violence and injustice taking place in North Dakota at the Standing Rock Reservation, symbolized by Mars in Capricorn squaring Uranus-Eris in Aries. Their commitment is so deep, one can sense the power of the ancestors behind the protection of the sacred land. The scene is juxtaposed by the ugliness of corporate greed and power. As witnesses we’re transformed when we can look deep within ourselves and recognize our own relationship to greed, power, justice and honor.


This Scorpio New Moon joined with mental Mercury invites us to investigate ourselves. Scorpio energy is like a powerful magnet. It attracts – and repels. There’s a strong attraction-repulsion dynamic in Scorpio that can trigger fear and denial. But the more we deny our shadow, the more it drives us unconsciously.

As Carl Jung famously said, “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

The Scorpio Full Moon – signifying the peak of this cycle – was in April 21 of this year when Prince passed away. His passing affected me deeply and an article I wrote about it on the Huffington Post went viral. Prince was a unique being and an artist fully committed to his creative genius.

Look back at your own life since April 21 and ask yourself what awareness you have around the level of depth you invoke in your daily life.

At this New Moon, we’ll also have karmic Saturn joined with Venus on the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius. Saturn can made us work harder for what we want and we may sense blocks or delays to our path. But Saturn can also help us to get serious about our commitments.

Where do we need to bring a sense of soberness and commitment to our relationships, creativity, beliefs and aspirations? Where have we sold ourselves short?

As the astrologer and therapist Mark Jones has said, “true creativity is an act of genuine gravitas.” 

As we begin a new cycle in our Scorpio house, we should ask ourselves ~ what needs weeding out from the depths of our psyche in order for a new, lush garden to grow?

If you’ve been skimming through life in a zombie-like state, this is the time to dig deeper for inspiration. Reveal your secrets to yourself that you’ve kept hidden away for so long and re-commit to your creativity and your depth.