Scorpio New Moon | Crucible for Meaning

Scorpio New Moon
Saturday, Nov 18 @ 3:42am PST / 6:42am EST
26 deg 19 min Scorpio

a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

The Scorpio New Moon is a symbolic moment of internal alchemy at the level of the deep self. When the Sun and the Moon meet, we often see this as a point of integration. After the distillation of wisdom of the Balsamic Moon, the New Moon then shifts from a cycle of release to one of re-birth.

Scorpio as the sign of metamorphosis with the goal of evolution and it’s the sign of extremes. The element of Water and the modality of Fixed means that transformation is emotive and profound. Evolution isn’t simply an upgrade to a better, sleeker version of one’s self. It can mean realigning with the truth, that which is lost in the constant attempts toward perfection. The Scorpio path of metamorphosis often involves an extreme urge to surrender the intense desire for control. One releases the clinging onto the outdated self and surrenders to guidance from the greater forces of the Universe. It’s a surrendering to one’s Dharma and personal power.

The New Moon’s flowing trine to Chiron can see us obsessively licking our wounds or lashing out with our Scorpion stinger when our vulnerabilities become irritated. The realm of Scorpio often includes issues that have been long festering and come to the surface in all their grotesque distorted glory to be dealt with – or annihilated – once and for all.

We may find the need to compartmentalize our yearning for internal alignment versus sudden urges for aliveness, excitement and rebellion as Uranus in Aries inconjuncts the New Moon. Perhaps we’re distracting ourselves with surface drama from the real work of deep reflection and brutal honesty that whispers to our soul.

The co-rulers of the New Moon are in a tense conflict as Mars in Libra applies to square Pluto in Capricorn. We may sense we’re up against an immovable force and the rebirth necessary may lure us toward power struggles or intense efforts of will requiring maximum effort. An urge for truth telling may provide the focus point for inspired action as Mars sextiles Mercury in Sagittarius. Saturn on the Galactic Center is the karmic whistleblower that will not be silenced.

During Scorpio season we come to the realization of mortality and death as the ultimate transformation. These days of darkness are some of the most enriching times to find meaning in our lives, albeit it can take facing some hard truths that our society turns a blind eye to.

Stephen Jenkinson, author and palliative care professional who’s helped thousands of dying people and their loved ones come to terms with death, reminds us that we mustn’t wait until our dying time to expect the meaning of life to be illuminated for us in one brilliantly vivid insight. In Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, he reminds us that it’s our responsibility to take this task on now in order to live a meaningful life and have a good death.

“If you haven’t been deliberately making meaning in your life by the ways you’ve lived it, then your time of dying is going to be a hard, hard proving ground. A tough, under the gun place to do so.

You don’t make meaning from the ether or hocus pocus it into view by the force of your will or by getting to all the weekend workshops in your area that you can afford.

Meaning is made while you live – in all the small true moments that become your life.

The crucible for meaning in your life is how you wrestle with the way things are.”