Saturn trine Uranus | Karmic Breakthroughs

The electrifying energy of Uranus the Great Awakener, is once again blasting its enlightened power in alignment with Saturn, Lord Karma. This is the 2nd of three such alignments (the first was December 24, 2016 and the next will be November 11, 2017).

This time around, Saturn is retrograde indicating that barriers to progress can be bent or broken. Saturn is still on the Galactic Center suggesting the influence of karma is amplified and may have far reaching and long lasting effects.

When these two planets are in a flowing aspect we can more easily access the higher qualities of both – Saturn’s requirement of heavy lifting may seem less burdensome with Uranus’ revolutionary charge behind it.

These planets are forming a Grand Fire Trine with the North Node of Destiny in Leo, inviting these changes to swiftly usher in our ability to shine and find the courage to radiate our light.

Some type of breakthrough, turning point or pivot is happening now that is aligning us with a higher calling.

This is a time to ‘go toward the light’ and allow the excitement of future potential to carry you forward.

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