Saturn Station Direct | Reclaiming My Time

Lord Karma, Saturn, stationed direct at 21 Sagittarius on August 25th after having been retrograde since April 4 at 26 Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center. Saturn has us recognize our karma and take responsibility for its unfolding in order to gain internal strength.

Saturn is Father Time, as the past comes calling into the present bringing with it karmic consequences. It takes time to grow in the Saturnian way – one that’s built to last. When it’s retrograde, we can feel as if we’re back on our heels as we come to realisations of where we’ve failed ourselves.

Saturn applies intense, focused pressure on our weak areas. Sometimes this results in loss or endings. But Saturn can also bind in a way that requires an internal transformation of commitment. In any case, the ultimate result is a more mature command of emotional strength.

Turning Pro

Saturn often bring realizations. What’s truly real in your life? In some ways, it’s the antithesis of the Leo playful, childlike archetype. Saturn wants you to stop playing and go pro. As Mark Jones has said, “true creativity is a soulful burden. It’s an act of genuine gravitas.” The seriousness that’s undertaken by any true artist is a Saturnian influence. He urges you to raise the bar in a way that separates the amateur from the professional.

Something to Stand For

You’ve probably heard the saying, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Sagittarius is the sign of truth, beliefs, philosophy and religion. It’s also about the foreign and exotic. The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius since late 2014 has focused attention to issues of racism, fanaticism, how we view our world and the state of humanity. These past few years have clarified any vagueness we may have had in our belief systems and many have felt urged to declare where they stand. Saturn retrograde has us looking deep within ourselves and geting real with our world view, forming our beliefs and solidify them into conviction.

The Saturn Retrograde Journey

While the lessons of Saturn are more fully revealed with a look at the entire natal chart, some of the key turning points of this year’s Saturn retrograde are:

: Saturn station retrograde April 4 at 26 Sagittarius – frustration with the status quo.
: Saturn opposite the Sun June 15 at 24 Sagittarius – realisation of outdated beliefs.
: Saturn station direct August 25 at 21 Sagittarius – taking responsibility for failures and slowly but diligently working to release and replace them with a new vision for growth, strength and inner authority.

Check your natal chart for planets around 21 degrees or 26 degrees that are receiving the hard tests of Saturn. Erin Sullivan writes “if Saturn stations within 1 or 2 degrees orb of a natal planet or angle, it directly affects the growth in that area because Saturn begins to encapsulate the planet, sealing it off, preventing its contamination by external influence.” Any such planets are being challenged to get real and release any outdated beliefs that stand in the way of true personal power.

Reclaiming My Time

Transiting Saturn is currently conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Lilith can be ruthless in destroying pretensions to reveal the truth behind the mask. Which brings me to California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. If you haven’t yet seen her brilliant grilling of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at the House Financial Services Committee hearing, you must.

In this moment it’s as if she’s the personification of Saturn-Lilith in Sagittarius – Maxine isn’t taking any nonsense. Poised, focused and unrelenting, she insists on the truth and only the truth (and in fact, transiting Pluto is conjunct her natal Lilith in Capricorn and square her Saturn in Aries). She won’t let Mnuchin waste a moment of her time. And she wants it all back.

While she’s beloved by many she’s also been the target of hate groups. When asked how she copes with them Congresswoman Waters said:

“As an African-American woman who’s been involved in the struggle you know it’s coming, you know who they are and you know how not to let it devastate you. And you build the strength to fight back, to push back and let it just go over your shoulders, you know? It’s not something that’s gonna put me in the bed and say ‘oh my God.’ Everyday I wake up energized!”

I have to admit, witnessing much of the darkness and evil arising in the world has in fact put me ‘in the bed’ on some days. But no more.

If the Gentlelady from California can wake up everyday energized then so can we. Saturn direct will revisit the the area of your chart it backtracked since April and allow for an opportunity to command your resources of strength. When we learn the lessons of Saturn, our internal dignity is reinforced.

Like Maxine, I’m reclaiming my time.
Reclaiming my time,
Reclaiming my time,
Reclaiming my time,

And I want it all back.