Saturn square Neptune| Dissolve and Evolve


Neptune, the planet most associated with dreams, fantasy and illusion, recently stationed retrograde in Pisces and is forming an exact square with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius at 12 degrees.

The Saturn-Neptune square is an aspect of the recent Mutable Grand Cross, and it’s one of the most significant transits we’re experiencing collectively this year as the known world dissolves while a new world order prepares to be born.

Saturn symbolizes formation of boundaries and unavoidable karmic lessons, while Neptune erodes boundaries and seduces us with fantasy and illusion.

The energetic collision of these two forces is the catalyst for massive disillusionment of ideals yet can lead to even greater individual and collective evolution.

And we must evolve along with it.

From Paris to Orlando

The first exact aspect of the Saturn-Neptune square was last November, shortly after the terror attacks in Paris that captured the attention and compassion of the world.

Now, both planets are retrograde. Retrograde planets often affect us on a personal, internal level and since both of these planets affect our boundaries, it’s our internal boundaries and attitudes that are mutating in step with the outer world events.

Erin Sullivan writes: “Neptune retrograde invites one to return to the womb state to incubate and eventually be reborn.”

While the world mourns and prays for Orlando in the aftermath of the massacre of Pulse nightclub, we’ve taken a collective pause to reflect on what it means to be part of the tribe of humanity.

What’s arising is a call for more compassion and love – especially toward the LGTBQ community – as nations across the globe are honoring this tragedy with rainbow-lit public sites and touching gestures of all kinds.

Freedom and Brotherhood

Saturn in Sagittarius can bring out the worst of racism and bigotry. The world last saw this aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces during the 1600’s, the time of the Salem witch trials and the Spanish Inquisition where the world was rife with fear and persecution.

At times, we’ve faced this same heightened pandemonium in today’s atmosphere of surging fear and conflicting values.


This Saturn-Neptune cycle originated with the conjunction at 10 deg Capricorn in 1989 at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. That was a time of literally breaking down barriers, filled with ecstatic hope that a new world order included freedom and brotherhood.

This part of the cycle we’re currently experiencing is the third quarter square signifying a “crisis in consciousness.”

How far has humanity really come since the Cold War in our efforts toward freedom, understanding and unity?  

The square will be exact again September 10 at 10 degrees Sag/Pisces during eclipse season and is likely to be yet another paradigm-shifting time and a visceral awakening into a greater clarity of consciousness.

Stepping into the arena

What does this mean for us at a personal level?

That it’s time to review your own judgements, fantasies and excuses for not living your most fulfilled life and become the catalyst of your highest destiny.

A new dream is now forming, making the old one obsolete. In one way or another, we’re urged to step into the arena of our lives.

To do so we must move past fear, insecurity and doubt and rise to the occasion of our calling.

Neptune is the dream. Saturn is the discipline. These are essential elements to the conscious evolution available to us at this pivotal moment in time.