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Saturn Direct and Adulting

This Saturday, Saturn stations direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius on Antares, an ancient star indicating vast undertakings requiring unfaltering faith.

Since March 25, Saturn – Lord Karma – has had us internalize and reflect on our ability to father ourselves while we attempt to make our long term vision real in the world. If you know your astrology chart, check to see the house where Saturn is transiting which will give you an idea of the area of life where you need to be ‘adulting.’

The peak of this retrograde phase came June 3-4 when the Sun-Venus in Gemini opposed Saturn. In what ways were you then trying to gain control over your life, possibly out of frustration or a sense of lack of control? Since Venus was involved there may have been a theme around relationships with others and a sense of empowerment or disempowerment.

Since then we’ve been learning lessons around trusting our inner authority and our personal moral compass. Now that Saturn is turing direct, the next several days may sense as anything from a mild sense of dissatisfaction to an outright defeat (depending on how it aspects your personal astrology). The square to Venus in Virgo can put added pressure on how much we can accept ourselves and our sense of failure or success.

Are our expectations unrealistic when it comes to what we can achieve and in the expected timeframe? Can we care for ourselves as a benevolent adult would to a loved child, without the guilt and punishment?

It’s essential at this time to have patience and forgiveness, especially with ourselves. Saturn is squaring Venus in Virgo which can turn into criticism in relationships or even intense self-criticism. Reorienting our focus toward meaningful work, being of service, organizing and caring for our wellness can be helpful as we navigate this challenging period.

Meanwhile, Saturn is square Neptune, asking us to keep holding the higher vision of our aspirations. For some, this might look like throwing in the towel if the road you’re on isn’t inspiring enough. For others it will take an up-leveling of commitment and faith. Taking baby steps is fine as long as they are in the direction of our dreams.

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