Sagittarius New Moon | Personal Myth

Sagittarius New Moon
Tuesday, Nov 29
4:18am PST
7:18am EST
7 deg 43 min Sagittarius

“One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Every month, the Sun and Moon meet to give us a chance to reset our soul’s intentions. This New Moon in Sagittarius evokes the archetypal archer, igniting the spirit to take aim at a higher vision and a sacred purpose.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a time to embark on our spiritual quest and and align with our personal philosophy of life. While mental clarity may be elusive as Neptune newly direct on the South lunar Node squares this New Moon, our intuition and inspiration can act as our guiding light in this time of deception, disillusionment and disorientation.

Our world may have transformed in recent weeks, but this isn’t entirely new territory for us. The New Moon approaches the fixed star Antares which I’ve written about several times this past year. Antares is the warrior drive that calls us to harness our internal fire and rise to our divine calling. The Mars retrograde period this past April through June forged us in the blaze as we cultivated our internal light, proving that we were truly born for this.

Jupiter in Libra ruling this New Moon is passing through the radically transformative Pluto-Uranus square, expanding our capacity for metamorphosis as the known world dissolves around us. The basis of this metamorphosis lies in re-defining our personal myth and living as the heroines of our own saga.

It’s not enough to create ourselves in the mold of who we aspire to be, now it’s a matter of the role we’re choosing to play in the collective narrative. Neptune direct is ushering us past the boundaries of our private selves to merge with the collective. Juno, the partnership asteroid, joins this New Moon and seeks like-minded adventurers for this leg of the journey. No one is alone and everyone has allies to call upon.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is:


This suggests that through internal alchemy, the expansiveness of spirit emerges. This is divine light working through us to evolve the lore of humanity into a new story. It’s how we give birth to a dancing star within us.

With enough awareness, our capacity to transformation in light of this new terrain will astound us.

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