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{Sagittarius Full Moon | Spiritual Upgrade}

We’ve all got cause to celebrate as the current Mercury retrograde is half over! So if you’re still standing (or hiding under the covers is ok too) I hope you find occasions of laughter and moments of insight as the trickster makes his presence known in our lives.

Today, the Sun meets with Mercury retrograde which can provide a sense of purpose to our thoughts and communication. The Moon is in Scorpio this weekend adding a sense of emotional depth. This in an excellent time to reflect on this turning point on the retrograde period before we reach another peak in the energy with the coming Sagittarius Full Moon.

Tuesday’s Sagittarius Full Moon will likely sense as very polarizing and we have the opportunity for a ‘peak experience’ to lead us to a new phase in our spiritual quest. Sagittarius is the sign of alchemy, however, full moons challenge us with feeling internally integrated. Our purpose (Sun) and our desires (Moon) can feel at cross purposes and a sense of urgency arises. This is a moment for assessing our priorities, especially in the area of our spirituality and the spiritual tribes we align with. We’ll likely feel the pressure to pursue that sense of belonging, of integration, of alignment with Spirit.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, now in Leo, who’ll want you to amplify. As we approach Tuesday’s full moon, consider that if you’ve been playing small or thinking small you’ll now want to follow your intuition toward the space that will allow your spirit more expansion, abundance, elevation. A spiritual upgrade now awaits you.

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