Sagittarius Full Moon | Defiant Truths

Full Moon in Sagittarius
18 degrees 53 min Sag/Gemini
Friday, June 9
6:10am PDT / 9:10am EDT

Moon-Saturn-Lilith in Sagittarius: Defiant truths

The Full Moon in Sagittarius highlights a need for truth to be revealed. She seeks the wisdom that arises from knowledge and even transcends it. The Sagittarius-Gemini polarity often deals with Gemini rationality versus Sagittarian belief. The Moon rules this decan and has resiliency, obstinance and focus here.

The dark goddess Black Moon Lilith joins the Moon which suggests a cutting away of false pretensions to get to the truth of the matter. She’s ruthless when it comes to destroying falsehoods and revolts against disrespect and subservience. She’s a disruptive element and her passion evokes both fear and fascination. Her ultimate goal is to actualize truth and find renewal in authenticity by eliminating everything standing in the way of clarity.

Saturn rx is on the Galactic Center, adding even more gravitas to the call of Lord Karma and his insistence on truth and consequences. Saturn is often about taking responsibility for what has been set in motion and the inevitable ramifications. It may mean facing our failures or where we’ve been neglectful or overindulgent. There’s no hiding from the stern judgement of Saturn yet if we’re willing to take on the maturity being asked of us, we become stronger for it.

The Grand Trine in Fire is still in effect with Uranus in Aries, the North Node of Destiny in Leo and Saturn rx in Sagittarius continuing to ignite the emotional atmosphere with sensationalism, enthusiasm and chaos. Fortunately, the Sagittarius influence can help to harness the energy into a focused goal if, like the archer, we have a clear aim.

Full Moon square Neptune: Creative juice

Complicating the quest for Sagittarian truth is the square from Neptune planet of illusion, fantasy and denial. A positive expression of this energy could be that once one faces the enforced clarity of truth, the spiritual Neptunian impulse is re-ignited and used creatively to design positive outcomes. Neptune also rules addictions and this could be a turning point in getting real with addictions, obsessions and co-dependencies bringing much overdue clarity and resolve.

Jupiter stationing direct in Libra: Blessed potentials

Jupiter rules the Full Moon and is stationing direct after going retrograde in February. Jupiter in Libra, the sign of relating, harmony and justice has brought us many lessons these last few months and we may be showered with unexpected blessings in these areas. What’s required from us is a positive attitude and hope in future potentials, setting aside any bitterness that can arise from missed opportunities or jealousy of the success of others. Gratitude for what we do have and hope to achieve is essential to receiving the fullness of Jupiter’s blessings.

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