[Podcast] September Equinox

September 22nd the Sun crosses the celestial equator and ingresses the sign of topical Libra bringing us the Equinox where day and night are approximately equal length and a turning point in the seasons. Here in the Northern hemisphere we’re beginning to embrace the Autumn season and in the Southern hemisphere, they’re welcoming Spring. In either case, Libra season is one of balance and harmony as we experience nature’s rebalancing of the extreme seasons.

I’m so honored to welcome my special guest for this episode Sarah Jenkinson of Seasontide. Sarah specializes in the folklore and mythology of the seasonal changes and how we can incorporate ancient wisdom to enhance our modern lifestyles. She teaches that when we approach life in alignment with the natural rhythms, we’re more in flow with the natural rhythm of life.

Join us as we discuss –
: the rational vs the magical
: the symbolism of Archangel Michael’s battle with Lucifer
: how ritual helps us to connect with the subconscious mind and the correlation between seasonal shifts and life transitions
: the Homecoming archetype of the Autumn Equinox
: the Northern hemisphere Autumn Equinox vs. the Southern Hemisphere Spring Equinox symbolism
: a gratitude ritual to celebrate the Equinox