[Podcast] Inner Gold with Mark Jones

Recently I had the great good fortune of speaking with astrologer and psychosynthesis therapist Mark Jones on the Radiant Astrology Podcast. On this episode, we discuss the idea of Inner Gold which Mark likens to the inner specialness of the individual.

We recorded the podcast on the Uranus station retrograde in Aries which was quite fitting for the nature of the discussion – this eloquent, soft spoken English gentleman is quite the rebel in the field of astrology and a vanguard on the leading edge of its evolution. He even warns of the potential danger of astrology. Listen in and you’ll hear why.

In this episode we discuss –

: The correlation of the Leo archetype to one’s royal nature and how this aligns with the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.
: The therapeutic potential of astrology as well as the danger of astrology when it ignores the client’s vulnerability and innate preciousness.
: We chat about Robert A. Johnson’s book Inner Gold on understanding psychological projection.
: How ceremony can be profoundly healing.
: The outer planets as symbols of soul potential.

Mark has recently completed his 12-module Counseling Skills for Astrologers audio course which provides insights from his 15 years as a therapist and counseling astrologer. This course is excellent for astrologers or anyone in the helping professions.

As a celebration and thank you for Mark being my very first guest on the podcast I have a special offer. For the month of August, if you purchase the Counseling Skills for Astrologers Complete Course and send me the receipt at christina at radiantastrology.com, I’ll gift you a Kindle copy of Mark Jones’ The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Potential of Astrology.

For more on Mark Jones, his recordings, teachings and live workshops, visit www.plutoschool.com.