[Podcast Ep1] Aquarius Full Moon

Surprise! It’s the first episode of my weekly Radiant Astrology podcast, this one on focuses on the Aquarius Full Moon.

And how Aquarian to launch at this time since Aquarius/Uranus rules technology, astrology and the unexpected!

In this podcast, I share:

  • How this Aquarius Full Moon has a theme of infusing our life force with inventiveness and divine inspiration.
  • The polarization between the needs of the collective (Aquarius) versus our egoic drive (Leo) calls for balance.
  • While there’s debate whether or not this full moon is a lunar eclipse (you’ll hear my view) we are entering the ‘eclipse portal’ at this Full Moon.
  • I explore the symbol of this face of Aquarius of the ‘karmic knot’.
  • How we’re in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde and what to expect.
  • Enjoy!