[Podcast] Aquarius Solar Eclipse with guest Briana Saussy

In this episode of the Radiant Astrology Podcast, I discuss the Aquarius Solar Eclipse and have a chat with Sacred Artist, Briana Saussy. Briana is steeped in traditions of ritual, magic, alchemy and ceremony and I felt she was the perfect guest to discuss how to move through transformational periods such as eclipses in ways that nourish our soul need for metamorphosis.

In this episode:
: I share some of the cosmic insights of the Aquarius Solar Eclipse, New Moon exact Thursday, February 15 at 4:05pm EST at 27 degrees Aquarius.
: We discuss the history of witches and the empowerment of modern women.
: Briana shares her special ritual suggestions for the Aquarius solar eclipse of liberation.

To learn more about Briana visit her website at www.brianasaussy.com. I highly recommend her beautifully designed Book of Hours to mark the important astrological dates along with blessings and ritual suggestions for 2018.