Pluto rx |Surrender to the Source of the Soul


Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis, stationed retrograde on April 18 at 17 degrees Capricorn and will turn direct on September 26 at 14 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is retrograde about six months out of every twelve months. It’s the station periods – which are most intense in the days leading up to and following the station – is when it’s potency and power is at it’s most intense.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the Mars retrograde that occurred the day before the Pluto station rx. While their effects melded together somewhat, I felt Pluto needed his own post.

Having both of these planets at a heightened state is a pattern interruption that creates chaos within and without via uncontrollable forces of nature.

Pluto as the symbol of the Soul

In evolutionary astrology, Pluto is a representation of the Soul itself and it’s condition through many lifetimes. It’s the deep, unconscious self.

We may not normally be aware of our unconscious drives and impulses but once they’re brought to the light of awareness, there’s a knowing that resonates deeply. And it’s where our source of power lies.

Jeff Wolf Green writes that the journey of Pluto in retrograde is a dissatisfaction and disassociation from the status quo that breaks up the crystallization of the self in order to evolve.

It’s an emphasized “desire to return to the Source of the Soul.”

Secrets, sex and shame

When Pluto’s in the picture we’re dealing with the long-term issues that aren’t quickly or easily resolved. Pluto is the mythological Lord of the Underworld, so what’s been festering in the dark often is revealed. There’s numerous scandals hitting the news involving secrets revealed around sexual deviancy and the shame associated with it.

Venus in Aries is currently square Pluto rx giving direct expression to our relationship power struggles and impatience. A Kali-like feminine energy arises with the daring to confront the demons and the dark head-on. Though even our courage may need to yield for relationship twists of fate and internal recalibration.


With Pluto, the true power lies in surrendering to the forces of transformation. Pluto rx acts to peel off the ego layer by layer to get to the heart of true essence.

It’s allowing the space for an alchemical ego death to take place before the exquisite metamorphosis.

Some questions for reflection during Pluto rx:
“Where am I stagnating?”
“Where do I continually give my power away?”
“What part of my false ego self is still sabotaging me?”

In astrology, the glyph for Pluto is like a stick figure with arms outstretched to the sky, as if in surrender. That’s the ultimate lesson of Pluto.

Matt Kahn of True Divine Nature says it best –

“Surrender isn’t about giving up, because this life requires your full participation.

It doesn’t have to be intense. It doesn’t have to be with a full grip. But surrender isn’t about giving up. Surrender is actually a journey.

The path of surrender takes you from fearing change to having the self-worth to know that you’re worthy of change. Change becomes the one thing that in most moments life is inviting you to do.

When you surrender, you surrender into change.”

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