Pisces Supermoon

{Pisces Supermoon} The Sacred and The Mundane

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this reading on the Pisces Full Moon “Supermoon”, exact Saturday, August 29 at 2:35pm EDT. It’s like an elaborate, boiling exilir laced with enchantment and spiked with drama.

So, rather than attempting to find an open window, I’ll just jump in and make a splash…

This full moon is a true Supermoon – the first in a series of 3 consecutive Supermoons – as the Moon is orbiting it’s closest to the Earth, intensifying the energies. In addition, two enormous planets are in the mix of this Sun-Moon alignment. The Sun is joined by Jupiter in Virgo and the Moon is joined by Neptune in Pisces. The opposing forces of the planets are best summed up by “a soul having a human experience.”

The psychic energy will be amplified for this Supermoon, since Pisces is strongly emphasized being ruled by both Jupiter (traditional ruler) and Neptune (modern ruler). Surfing the astral waves and transcending the confines of the mind are available to us.

Yet should we get too space-y, Virgo reminds us that we are on this Earth in human form still figuring out the play we we’ve been cast in and our role in the drama.

Are we masterful enough? Are we pure enough? Are we devoted enough? Even souls have responsibility.

The beauty of a Full Moon is that we’re pulled forward, magnetized into a breakthrough. The self-doubt becomes ambient noise. An echo that’s fades into the background.

Like guardian Angels we have a trio of Goddesses invoking inspiration. A fire trine between Pallas Athena (creative intelligence), Vesta (creative fire) and Venus retrograde joined by warrior Mars creates a bonfire of brilliance. Allow this to heat the cauldron of your creation. Pallas Athena will be aligned with the Great Attractor, fueling our influence to spread like wildfire if we’re not afraid of being polarizing in our expression.

Finally, there is an important message of this lunation brought to us by Orcus, the karmic oath breaker. Orcus is the female Pluto and will be exactly aligned with the Sun, illuminating our broken promises and shattered fantasies. Disappointments are often a by-product of flawed assumptions, hazy communication and unrealistic expectations. Clear away the shattered glass and create anew.

Commitment is a sacred act, but it need not be confining. Consider that every moment we are committing to something. Our lives are a series of moments of blessed devotion. Can we see the sacredness in it?

This Supermoon invites us to re-new our devotion to Spirit. It’s a time to begin channeling your sacred fire so that it fuels your soul. Every day, in everything you do.

This isn’t about decision. It’s about choice.

Fully embrace your role as a sacred vessel for conscious expansion on Earth. The journey starts now.

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