~ Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ The Tomb and the Womb

Image ~ Tiffany Bozic

Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse
Sunday, Feb 26
6:58am PST / 9:58am EST
8 degrees 12 min Pisces

“Lucidity is the wound closest to the sun.” – Rene Char

It’s Pisces season and with this Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse, we’ve plunged into the deep end of the cosmic pool.

Solar Eclipses are said to obscure the present and illuminate the future, which can make us feel anxious and disoriented. We may not feel quite ready for so much change but change we must. A sense of insecurity mixed with anticipation may be flooding our consciousness and even our dream state.

Sunday’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces is an amplified New Moon conjunct Neptune and the South Node. Neptune rules our dreams and whether it’s nightmares, prophetic dreams or vivid flashes of insight, the messages we’re receiving now are pinging our intuitive antenna. Our dream state may seem more real that our waking life. What are the messages that we have refused to accept about ourselves that our subconscious is brilliantly illuminating for us?

Karmic Lessons
We often think of New Moons as new beginnings but as this is a South Node eclipse, it’s critical that we release old patterns that are keeping us blocked or in a holding pattern in our lives. Eclipses often bring us fated events and illuminate karmic lessons which in Pisces is often around a lack of boundaries.

Our addictions, co-dependencies and self-delusions may become glaringly obvious as we realize our role in our own self-undoing. When our self-inflicted wounds become illuminated, our lack of personal responsibility can be a painful truth to face up to.

Rude Awakening
A rude awakening is in the works at the Solar Eclipse as warrior Mars moves to activate the tense T-square of Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto. Mars acts like a strike to the already tense atmosphere. This can be a sudden breakthrough or a trigger for more chaos to explode into the collective. Channelling the Pisces energy of silence and astute observation can aid in the flow out of any riptides.

The Tomb and the Womb
Pisces-Neptune-12th House carry the resonance of finality as well as preparing for new life. How well you end things can have a profound effect on how the beginning of the next new cycle can begin to unfold. When we go our of our way to end things well by acknowledging what needs to be said for the transition to be complete we nurture growth for the new cycle to come.

Mercury slips into Pisces on Saturday evening and our sensitivity to our intuition is heightened and we’re wise to tune in. What do you know is the real story that’s not being spoken? Mercury in Pisces communicates beautifully through poetry, music and emotion.

Listen to the stillness and focus on the traces of emotion. The only proof you need is your inner knowing.

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