October Starcast

I write this with a heavy heart as the breaking news in the US is right now centered on the deadliest mass shooting in US history that occurred last night in Las Vegas, NV. When tragic events occur like this that shake us to the core, we can’t help but ask “why?” Astrologers often pour over charts like forensic analysts trying to understand the symbolism of the “how” but the greater meaning of events is something even beyond the scope of astrology.

While astrology can illuminate hidden intentions, impulses and potential outcomes, the “why” takes a level of soul searching that is the sole responsibility of each one of us as we journey through this lifetime, each with our unique soul intention. Scorpio season provides an opening to introspection at a deep level and for aligning with the profound heartbeat of the soul.    

Pluto, symbolizing death and metamorphosis and is currently trine Mars, planet of volatility. Mars acts as the hired hand urged by the massive unstoppable Pluto to carry out its powerful force. I believe it’s also highly significant that Pluto is on its own South Node which appears to be making its effect all the more powerful in the collective reality. We’re also still under the influence of the powerful Jupiter-Uranus opposition that ensures we can no longer ignore the injustices of the world we’ve inherited.

The energy will only intensify as the potent Aries Full Moon on October 5 squares passionate Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting full-on emotion and some could be driven by uncontrollable anger. With Mercury in the mix, we’ll want to speak truth to power to challenge the status quo. If channeled appropriately, it could be a powerful time for partnerships that can get things done, as Venus conjuncts Mars in work-oriented Virgo. However, when these two are not working together well, it can lead to a battle of the sexes and power struggles trying to prove one another wrong through pointing out faults or tearing down each other’s viewpoints. Venus-Mars squares Saturn in Sagittarius on October 8 challenging core beliefs and potentially frustrating our impulses to get what we want. Squares are a call for greater creativity and when Saturn is involved, patience and perseverance are essential.

Jupiter begins its year-long transit in Scorpio October 10. This is one of the most significant transits of the next 13 months where themes of sex, death, the occult, secrets and subconscious drives will be amplified under Jupiter’s influence. In my Jupiter in Scorpio presentation on YouTube which I titled “Sublime Possession,” I focused on the subconscious material that may expand during this time and have us feeling possessed by our passions or deep unconscious desires. Mercury ingresses into Scorpio October 17 followed by the Sun on October 23, officially marking the start of Scorpio season.

Venus enters Libra on October 14, sign of her rulership, bringing some much needed kindness and attempts to smooth over relationships and partnerships with charm and diplomacy. Venus is more sociable in Libra and themes of art, beauty and diplomacy are enhanced as she blesses this sign. However, any superficial or insincere relationships may find themselves destabilized as the October 19 New Moon in Libra calls for authenticity. At its best, this can be a liberating opportunity for new beginnings. The New Moon opposes Uranus who brings us awakenings so that ultimately we can individuate into our true nature. The eruption of sudden creative energies may burst forth and with Eris in the mix this could be in the form of protests in response that which impedes justice and evolution. Mars enters Libra on October 22 we may find the courage to be more outgoing to initiate partnerships.

The Scorpio Sun joins up with expansive Jupiter on October 26, illuminating the intention of this journey through our collective darkness. This is a time to be observant of what the Sun wants to illuminate as the great benefic makes its way through the subconscious chambers of Scorpionic secrets, shame, desires and obsessions. As Carl Jung famously said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” The Sun-Jupiter conjunction is the beginning of a new cycle of personal power and growth. Take some time to direct your conscious attention to knowing yourself at a deeper level. This can allow you access to the keys to self love, inner knowing and greater mastery over your destiny.

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