New Year’s Super Full Moon in Cancer

Super Full Moon in Cancer
January 1, 2018,
6:24pm PST / 9:24pm EST
11 deg 37 min Cancer / Capricorn

Overflow of the Awakened Heart

January 1st opens 2018 with several interesting cosmic alignments that can make for a rousing New Year. A Full Moon in Cancer is often saturated with emotion, as the Moon is in her rulership here, amplifying emotions. The opposing Capricorn Sun illuminates the karmic responsibility around authority, however a balance may be needed through the feminine energy of Cancer nurturance.

At Full Moons we can experience the extremes in polarity of the signs involved which in this case may be themes of strength/weakness, public image/personal integrity, deprivation/nurturance, boundaries/care. This takes place on expansive Jupiter’s North Node potentially amplifying the significance of the protectress energy, as the Great Mother Moon’s desire is to protect that which is sacred and precious.

The Full Moon forms a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio blending the emotional, spiritual and instinctual energies into a flowing spirit of creative nectar. The water signs all relate to the spirit, which flows through our intuition, imagination and emotions. This can be a wonderful time to release old wounds and grudges to the healing balm of forgiveness. It’s worth noting that while Cancer/Moon often refers to the feminine and mother, all humans have the capacity for nurturance as the Yin resides within all of us.

On this day, the Great Awakener, Uranus stations direct in Aries conjunct Eris, the Goddess of Discord. In the past year, we’ve seen sudden eruptions of rebellion in the collective during the contacts of Uranus-Eris in Aries with the ultimate goal of liberation. They’re joined by Pallas Athena who synthesizes the awakening with creative vision. Once Uranus is direct, all of the major planets will be direct for January and February, suggesting a forward momentum in our collective evolution.

This is an excellent time to create a vision for 2018 infused with the intuitive power of this New Year’s Day Cancer Supermoon. In case you’ve missed it, I’ll be offering a live replay of my Designing Destiny Workshop where we create our vision for 2018 inspired by the cosmos. Register free here.