{Neptune direct} Dissolving Boundaries + Law of Attraction


The Moon recently entered Pisces and will be joining the sign ruler, Neptune – planet of mysticism, dreams, fantasy, escapism, and sorrow.

Neptune is currently stationing direct and it’s steering us into the ocean of the collective. Neptune dissolves the boundaries that keep us safely shut away from the rest of humanity.

During a shift of Neptune, we may find that the usual forms of solace we turn to – spiritual practices, alcohol, music, art – may no longer be sufficient to ease the turbulence within. Now is the time to find peace with the knowing that we’re all beings intrinsically connected to the one soul consciousness.

Since June, Neptune has had us turn inward to understand ourselves and seek answers. But now, Neptune wants us to integrate into the collective. Some will be called to act, some will be called to pray, some will be called to create… we each have our unique calling.

But we’re all being called.

Saturn is moving to square Neptune – I’ll have more to say about this next week – and Saturn symbolizes our ability to create in the world what we intend and dream (Neptune).

Law of Attraction is strong with Saturn-Neptune contacts so it’s especially powerful at this time. Keep your eyes out for how quickly your intentions create your reality.

If the outer world isn’t yet reflecting your desires, keep envisioning, believing and speaking them into reality. Times like these forge your faith into your diamond heart.

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