Mercury stations direct

{Mercury stationing direct} Curiouser and Curiouser!

Today’s Moon in Aries can help provide us the impulse to move forward and awaken from our recent Pisces moon dream state.

Mercury is currently slowing down to turn direct on Thursday and we’ll likely experience a bit of turbulence in the shift. Those pesky technology snafus are bound to put a glitch in things over the next several days. Communication becomes bewildering and bemusing as socerous Neptune adds her gauze of disorientation as she begins to go retrograde – yes, it’s a switcheroo of Mercury direct, Neptune retrograde. If things seem off or people seem strange, know that shifts can happen quickly.

How to cope? Well, you can choose to adopt Matt Kahn’s mantra “whatever arises, love that.” Or you can kick your feet up and repeat the sacred Woo proverb #everythingisweird.

Happy landing!

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