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Mercury Rx in Capricorn | Brutal honesty

Image: Truth Rescued by Time, Witnessed by History by Francisco Goya

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

December 19 – January 8
15 Capricorn – 28 Sagittarius

It’s Mercury retrograde time yet again and we’re now upon the fourth Mercury retrograde in 2016, the second in Capricorn. We remember January 2016 as the death of David Bowie as Mercury rx regressed into Capricorn. It seemed as though the world paused to reflect on this great star, one who re-defined artistry, sexuality and human evolution. My, what a journey we’ve been on since then.

Monday’s Mercury station retrograde will be within a degree of transformational Pluto in Capricorn. As the communication planet Mercury slows to station retrograde in the sign of karma, authority, structure and judgement it connects with the ruler of our deep, unconscious drives, sexuality and secrets. The days surrounding December 19 are a time to be observant and pay attention to information coming to light. It might not be pleasant, but it will certainly be significant.

Politically, we know this is the day the American Electoral College is expected to cast their votes for President in this very controversial election process. How many of us actually paid attention to this event before? Almost no one. But now the world is rapt in attention to the possibilities of what might happen. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has assured that we can no longer take for granted the structures and regulations that support our democracy.

As we know, Mercury retrograde is notorious for communication breakdowns and general wonkiness, so we can expect some delays and confusion in the atmosphere.

Impulsive Mars will have just entered dreamy Pisces through January 28. Will courage turn to cowardice? Or could compassion become the driving force behind our motivations? Mercury-Pluto will see to it that our thoughts are deep, profound and led by a sense of gravity and consciousness.

The compelling depth of mind (Mercury rx-Pluto) has a sense of urgency and is fueled by a greater sense of grandiosity and rebellion as Jupiter opposite Uranus complete the T-square of Mercury-Pluto. Jupiter-Uranus will influence us for months to come, inspiring the collective to be on the cutting edge of change and take an active role in democracy and freedom.

It’s worth looking back to the last time Mercury retrograde joined Pluto in Capricorn to see some threads of connection to this time we’re facing. That was in December 2010 and January 2011. Some of the major news items were:

: Protests began in Algeria that became the Arab Spring and the government of Tunisia was overthrown.

: Julian Assange was accused of sexual assault and released on bond but remained in custody in Britain.

: The Senate voted to repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ban on gay and lesbian military service members.

What stands out to me are themes regarding sexuality (Pluto), long overdue change (Pluto) and reversals of destiny (Mercury rx).

What does this mean for the current Mercury retrograde and for our own lives? We know that everything that happens out in the world is mirrored within our personal lives in some way. The Mercury retrogrades this year have all been in Earth signs and have in many ways helped us to review and refocus on how we structure our lives and the foundations on which they are built.

Look back to January 2016. What commanded your focus at that time in your life? Know that there is still more work to do in that area and it will take effort, patience and brutal honesty to create a life that sustains you.

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