Mercury retrograde + the Eclipse vortex

On August 13, Mercury stationed retrograde at the 12th degree of Virgo, the Sabian Symbol of which is, “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride.”

As we witness the tragic and ugly events that took place this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia what comes to mind is an unmasking. The white supremacist marchers didn’t even bother to cover their faces in white hoods. As the discourse focuses on racism in America, a shocking unveiling of the scope and depth of our problem is also illuminated.

Clearly this is no ordinary time as this Mercury retrograde begins in the vortex of the heightened period between eclipses. Twist of fate can shift our destiny and shatter our expectations. Events take on a magnified significance and how we choose to navigate this time matters.

The start of this Mercury rx period is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, symbol of our collective unconscious, and conjunct Vesta, the sacred duty. Transits of Neptune in Pisces have often manifested as overwhelming waves of collective emotion. Collective transformation can come at the most inconvenient of times and it can’t be re-scheduled. However, we must remember that each one of us has a unique destiny and no one can decide for you what your role is in the collective evolution, your soul must choose for itself.

As messenger Mercury travels backward into Virgo we’ll need to re-examine with precision how we communicate, our own belief systems and our internal messages. Virgo is the perfectionist and wants to get things right but even our best intentions can get misinterpreted. The frustration comes when we are still misunderstood, despite our best efforts. Our language may need to change around our message and how we express ourselves. This is a time for listening more than talking and for digesting information so that we can come to a deeper understanding of truth.

Mercury joins the Sun on August 26, a time when the lessons of Mercury become illuminated. September 4, Mercury conjuncts warrior Mars in Leo trine Uranus in Aries at the degree of the Solar Eclipse, potentially triggering the awakening solar eclipse events once again. As Mercury stations direct September 5th the divine messenger Mercury urges us to carry our renewed mind and message forward into the world.

The Sabian Symbol for the 29th degree of Leo is “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for re-birth in human form.” This is a sign of metamorphosis and of merging the mystical and magical spirit with a renewed body and mind. The alchemy is in process and while the re-birth can be painful and messy, the result can be truly magnificent.

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