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Mars, the planet of passion, drive and energy, stations retrograde April 17 at 8 Sagittarius through June 29 at 23 Scorpio when it will then station direct.

Mars will be retracing it’s steps that is passed since February 19 and will have us reflecting on the faith that guides us (Sagittarius) and well as unearthing deep truths (Scorpio).   

Heightened passions

Since the March 20 Equinox when the Sun entered Aries, we’ve been gifted with a sense of purpose as Mars and the Sun entered a trine by sign in the fire element.  Many of us may have had a sense of alignment and momentum, even as the world around us was chaotic.

Mars is an ‘ambassador’ of the Sun in that it fulfills the Sun’s ego intentions through it’s Martian use of action and drive.  Our desire to initiate and create (Sun in Aries) was advanced by our passionate beliefs and faith in our long-term vision (Mars in Sagittarius).

As Mars stations retrograde, it can serve as a wake-up call from the Universe saying “not so fast.  There’s something you missed.”  Looking back at the ground covered since Feb 19 may give us a clue as to what we may need to reflect on and resolve.

Royal Star Antares

As Mars slows to station retrograde today, April 17 at 8 Sagittarius is on the Antares star, the intensity peaks.  Antares is the brightest star in the Scorpio constellation and one of the four glorified Royal Stars of Persia.

Antares indicates great passions, deep transformation and warriorship.  It endows great success but warns of self-destruction if it’s intensity isn’t appropriately directed.

Joan of Arc is an excellent embodiment of the Antares archetype.  A peasant girl in Medieval France, she claimed to have been guided by God and Archangel Michael to lead thousands of soldiers into battle to defeat the English army and return the Dauphin to the throne.  

She became legendary for her passion, courage and unwaivering faith in her divine mission.

In some way, we’re each on a path from karma to dharma if we align with our unique mission to fulfill.  We may have gotten a taste of what that mission is about with Mars on Antares April 6-29.

The Hero Within

After all the recent gusto, inspiration and passion, it can feel incredibly disempowering when we sense a pulling back (or sideways) of the energy of the retrograde motion.  Our instincts can turn to frustration and we may blame others, our parents or our karma for plans gone awry.  

As Steven Forrest brilliantly put it, during Mars rx “we mistake our inner demons for our outer ones, and start throwing punches.”

During Mars retrograde we may manifest an external enemy who we see as blocking or thwarting our ambitions in some way, when in fact, the true work lies within us.

Erin Sullivan writes, “the most important feature of the Sun-Mars retrograde function is the difficulty with internalizing our solar hero and a tendency to continue to project it outside, seeing others as more sexy, more interesting, more successful, more powerful and so on.”

When our own inner demons come into view, it’s important to face them, reflect on them and make adjustments.  We’ll likely see more about how we assert ourselves, how we deal with frustration, where our passions are directed.  We’ll want to ask ourselves, “How is my frustration serving me and my mission of dharma?”

Consider the Mars retrograde a time of finding your inner strength and stamina.  It’s a powerful time of internal revolution, self-development and integration of your inner hero.

Mars retrograde will help us find out what we’re made of, so we can live the life we were born for.

Key dates

April 17 – Mars stations retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius, conjunct Antares

May 22 – Mars rx at 1 Sagittarius opposes the Sun at 1 Gemini

May 24 – Mars at 0 Sagittarius opposes Venus at 0 Gemini

May 28 – Mars rx enters Scorpio

June 9 – Mars rx 25 Scorpio trines Chiron 25 Pisces and opposes Mercury 25-26 Taurus (conjunct Algol)

June 29 – Mars stations direct at 23 Scorpio

August 23 – Mars at 9 Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn on Antares

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