Magical Mercury RX + Gemini Full Moon

It’s Mercury retrograde time again! 

Ah those dreaded inconveniences and tech meltdowns. And just in time for holiday season to begin. Oh joy. Mercury stations retrograde today through December 23.

Let’s remember that the inconveniences are only one manifestation of Mercury’s backward motion. Mercury is, afterall, the messenger of the gods so the intuitive insights and subconscious nudges are worth exploring and contemplating. Mercury is in Sagittarius, sign of belief and truth seeking and is joined with Saturn, Lord Karma calling for some serious contemplation.

As in any planetary retrograde period, the planet involved can be elusive with it’s typical way of operating, yet there are often unexpected blessings as well. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can have us re-thinking our goals, re-defining what we believe and re-viewing our long term vision.

Mercury is the ruler of this Gemini Full Moon exact Sunday, Dec 3 at 10:46am EST. Gemini is the insatiable curiosity and facts, data, gossip and information can come at us fast and furious. Neptune squares the Full Moon perhaps making us feel as if we’re in a waking dream as we find it challenging to discern fact from fiction, real from unreal.

The Full Moon joins the fixed star Aldebaran, one of the royal stars of Persia is linked with integrity, honesty and a noble cause. Esoterically, it’s associated with the third eye of intuition and insight which suggests that no matter what the ‘facts’ tell us, there is great wisdom in intuition that is aligned toward a noble cause.

Bountiful Jupiter in Scorpio is trine mystical Neptune in Pisces blessing us with one of the most magical aspects involving the signs of magic (Scorpio) and mysticism (Pisces). If we can quiet the mind chatter, now is a beautiful moment to ride the wave of inspiration and spectacular miraculous vision.

Blessings for this Gemini Full Moon! xo

Image: Chad Knight

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