We’re finally clearing from the powerful vortex that was this summer’s eclipse season. Mercury is direct and Venus is out of shadow.

This summer was anything but boring.

Some of us have been shaken up or shaken loose because of the effect of the great sh*t-stirrer Uranus opposing the Libra New Moon alignment. Whether we’ve rebelled or been rebelled against, now we have a better view of where things stand. A more clear, honest view.

And that’s a good thing.

New Moons give us an opportunity to set intentions for the future and for those intentions to eventually blossom, if given the right conditions. As this New Moon is ruled by Libra – sign of balance, harmony, relationships – this is an opportunity to re-create and re-define for ourselves what harmony looks like in our lives.

Harmony without authenticity, however, is stifling and can eventually become toxic.

Uranus’ ultimate goal is freedom. Whether that means breaking a few taboos, shattering a false image or physically getting some space, if you’ve been at the receiving end of this drive you mustn’t take it personally. Similarly, if you’re the one who requires freedom from something or someone, try not to feel guilty about this impulse.

The need for freedom is a vital component of the expression of life force.

The Sun and Moon are now separating from one another and from their clash with Uranus. The dust is beginning to settle. What have you learned? What’s this new vantage point tell you?

If speaking your truth means that the other person has to re-adjust their perception of you, perhaps that’s the new normal of the relationship. Balance can still be found even if harmony can’t. Ultimately, harmony with yourself and your true expression is what’s key.

With these new insights, create your New Moon intentions in a way that allows for kindness over niceness and expansion over contraction. CLICK TO TWEET THIS OUT

Eventually, we’ll thank Uranus for crashing our Libra New Moon party and adding a bit of color and light.

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