Libra New Moon of Abundance + Ritual Ideas

New Moon
8 deg 11min Libra
5:11pm PST / 8:11pm EST

If there is one New Moon to do a manifesting ritual under, it’s this one!

The Sept 30 New Moon in Libra is joined with Jupiter, planet of abundance, expansion and growth.

Libra is the sign of “the other” and the Moon here seeks harmony and balance in relationships. The addition of Jupiter points to fortunate connections that can have a long-term or far reaching effect. Be observant of the connects you make over the next two weeks for the potential of fortunate alliances.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus in Scorpio making a flowing trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The potential for compassion and deep connection on a soul level is emphasized. We want to be in the company of others whose level of spiritual sophistication or artistic appreciation is on par with ours, potentially opening us up to deeper bonds with kindred spirits.

The square from Sun-Jupiter to Mars in Capricorn can bring some irritation or urge to “tell the truth” that can be game changing if a bit upsetting. The Libra energy can help to smooth over any discord.

Speaking of truth-telling, about this “Black Moon” nonsense going around… having two New Moons in a calendar month while somewhat rare isn’t especially significant astrologically. What is considered significant is when we have, say, two consecutive lunations (New Moons or Full Moons) in the same zodiac sign. In that case, it would gives the symbolism of that sign additional emphasis. Astrology is a system based upon the zodiac, not the calendar.

:: Libra New Moon Ritual ::

1 – Make some time for a manifesting ritual. In order to align with the cosmic energy for growth, select a time after the New Moon alignment (5:11pm PST / 8:11pm EST) – not a minute before! You want the Moon to be ‘waxing’ when you set your intentions.

2 – The ‘prime time’ manifesting period is in the 8 hour window following the exact New Moon alignment. However, if you miss this window you still have 60 hours after the exact New Moon alignment for manifesting.

3 – Create your altar, gather crystals, light candles and incense to invoke the sacred space.

4 – Write down what you desire to manifest over the next 6 to 18 months and beyond. Libra themes are highlighted which are in a areas of relationships/partnerships, cooperation, beauty, art, harmony, creativity. As well as Jupiter themes of money, prosperity, abundance, growth, expansion, joy, justice, spirituality.

5 – Rather than just list out what you want, visualize each intention and feel in your body what it would be like to live that reality. Write down no more than 10 intentions.

6 – Share your desired intentions with a friend! Libra is the sign of relationships and is a Cardinal Air sign so speaking about it with a friend will help to fuel the manifesting power.

7 – Keep your written intentions in a safe place but don’t look at them for at least 6 months. Give them time to germinate and allow the vortex of the energy to work its own magic. Be prepared for your reality to shift in the meantime.

Blessings for an abundant and joyous New Moon!

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