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Leo New Moon | Radiant Heart


Leo New Moon
Tuesday, August 2
1:44 pm PDT / 4:44 pm EDT
10 degrees 58 minutes of Leo

Today’s radiant Leo New Moon aligns us with the part of ourselves that craves validation and harnesses our ability to shine. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so to have both the Sun and Moon align in the sign of the Sun’s rulership is an auspicious time to plant seeds of growing your personal power.

Radiant Leo the King

Leo is symbolized by the archetype of the King and denotes majesty, power and generosity. Leo also symbolizes the Child who wants to play, create and shine. Maintaining an innocent heart is part of the soul path of those born under this sign and that takes having faith in the goodness of others, even after one has experienced the harshness of betrayal, rejection or victimization. The natural radiance of the Sun has the power to burn away the pain of the past and bestow light upon the land.

Whereas the Sun/Leo is the King, Saturn likened to the Prime Minister who’s not so concerned with being charming or well-liked but rather getting the job done through patience, discipline and competence. The Sun is in a flowing trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at the New Moon, supporting our ability to radiate with truth and dignity. It’s as if the petulant child-king embodies the discipline that transforms him into a mature leader.

It’s important to be mindful of the low side of Saturn in Sag (squaring Neptune in Pisces) which can manifest as righteousness, judgement and even go so far as a witch hunt toward others that we disagree with.

Lilith Unleashed

This New Moon squares Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, provoking the angry feminine whose life force has been shamed, repressed or rejected. Lilith in Scorpio can bring to light what’s long been covered in the dark, often with a ferocity of a truth that needs purging. Lilith rejects to good girl image in order to integrate the fullness of the experience of the feminine. Speaking her truth – as unsettling as it may be – ultimately makes us whole again.

Mars in Sagittarius – the personal crusade

As this New Moon aligns, Mars ingresses into the sign of Sagittarius, leaving behind the destruction and darkness of its tour through it’s ancient ruling sign of Scorpio. The fire sign of Sagittarius elevates the higher causes of action-oriented Mars. Our drive will sense as more empowered and optimistic during this transit. That is, until Mars crashes into Saturn in late August and the strength of our personal power is tested.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at the 11th degree of Leo is “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree.”

Honor this New Moon in Leo by giving the child the validation he/she craves. Even if your personal crusade is fueled by a seriousness of purpose, it’s vital to move forward with the innocence of a child – one that is rooted in mature wisdom but whose heart radiates the love, generosity and joy that Leo is celebrated for. Play, create and express your heart!

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