Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Feb 10, 2017
4:32 pm PST / 7:32 pm EST
22 deg 28 min Leo/Aquarius

Friday’s Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse along the Leo/Aquarius axis. A polarization exists between the goals of the collective (Aquarius) and the desires of the self to be creatively self expressed (Leo).

The Moon is in the shadow of the Earth and that which the Moon represents – the past, our roots, family of origin, home, security, nurturing – is temporarily obscured. It is said that at the Lunar Eclipse the past is obscured by the present, suggesting a hyper-focus on the now. The past cannot save us, yet neither can it limit us. Who are we when we’re not bound by our roots and sense of security?

The Moon in Leo is an opportunity to find our courage. The hashtag #ShePersisted trending now honors Senator Elizabeth Warren who bravely persisted in reading a letter by Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor even after a warning. The very words that were meant to be silenced have now being given the media spotlight. Leo is about the boldness, audacity and taking the risk of self expression even when it goes against the collective norms. To the extent we know that our voice matters we may find ourselves taking bold risks or quite the opposite of being paralyzed by insecurities.

The Moon, the great nurturing Mother, is conjunct the lunar Nodes of Destiny during eclipses which is what makes them have a sense of fate and synchronicity. Karmic lessons are revealed and move from the unconscious to the conscious realm. Check your natal chart for the house that Leo rules for insight on these lessons now emerging. Consider also your natal Moon by sign, house and aspects and how it may need extra nurturing at this time.

This time between eclipses – now through the Pisces solar eclipse on Feb 26 – is peak time to rise to the occasion of sweeping change and accelerated evolution. Tibetan Buddhists believe that our actions and intentions carry even more karmic weight at this time, so its recommended to spend time in meditation and reflection while creating acts of positive karma that can create ripple effects of good fortune throughout the collective energetic field.

Wishing you lunar eclipse blessings!

Feb 10 – March 1, I’ll be hosting the Eclipse Destiny Circle: Salon Series for a month-long sacred circle featuring mini-readings, eclipse rituals and astrology mentoring. Details here.