Leo Full Moon | Creative Instinct


Saturday’s Leo Full Moon at 3 degrees Leo, exact at 8:45pm EST, is an opportunity to connect with our Leo nature which wants childlike play, creativity, romance, boldness and most importantly, an audience!  We can inject a bit of humor or lightness into the current intense atmosphere.

Early on Saturday, the Moon is Void in Cancer (although technically the Moon isn’t considered void in it’s own sign) so we may find ourselves on the emotional side or seeking comfort.  But the mood will likely shift when the Moon enters firey Leo at 2:20pm EST.

As the Leo Moon opposes the Aquarius Sun this weekend, it’ll be a chance to stand apart from the crowd and shine in your own special way.  As children we’re usually eager to show off, entertain and get swept up in our own imagination – that’s what Leo needs to truly feel expressed.

The Moon is Leo Decan 1 points to emotional receptivity and sensitivity, so don’t let the hecklers and trolls dim your light.  Instead, summon your creative inspiration and channel it into your genius.

Mars is Scorpio is joined by Juno – the partnership asteroid, so issues concerning all types of partnerships may arise as they form a wide square to the Full Moon.  This can either invigorate partnerships or bring about conflict.  Full Moons are often crisis points as issues that have been swept under the rug may come to a head.

Mars also symbolizes our instinct, both creative and sexual, so allow it to agitate your urges in a way that leads to pleasure or productivity.  The choice is yours.  Venus is entering Capricorn so relationships may seem more reserved on the surface… but what do your instincts tell you is really going on?

All relationships need a bit of stirring to stay interesting.  However, things could tip into rocky territory as Mercury is stationing direct conjunct Pluto and square Uranus.  We’re likely not afraid to go deep or to the dark side in our thoughts and communication now.  Check out my Mercury station direct post here.

Wishing you a weekend that’s more exciting than dramatic.  Align with your inner light and put your drive into creating from your brilliance.


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