Leo Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

“Soul-making is allowing the eternal essence to enter and experience the outer world through the [entire] body so that the soul grows during its time on Earth.  It grows like an embryo in the womb.

Soul-making is constantly confronting the paradox that an eternal being is dwelling in a temporal body. That’s why it suffers, and learns by heart.”

– Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity

Leo Total Lunar Eclipse
Wednesday, January 31st
11 degrees Leo / Aquarius
5:26 am PST / 8:26 am EST

A Leo Full Moon is often a time for our inner radiance to shine forth, boldly and courageously. However, at this crimson red Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, the brilliant Moon is engulfed in shadow, potentially triggering insecurity in how we express our inner light or in how it may be received. Eclipses are cosmic alignments where powerful shifts occur in our world. As the Moon represents the Mother principle, the feminine principles of nurturing and care are awakened within us.

A total lunar eclipse is a Full Moon at maximum potency which emphasizes the past being eclipsed by the present. The bonds to our past conditioning are temporarily untied. In the eclipse vortex we’re in – the liminal space between eclipses – we’re invited to kiss the clouds and perhaps even glimpse the miracle of eternity through some type of emotional internal stirring.

Ceres takes the spotlight

Ceres is exactly conjunct the Moon at this lunar eclipse and it’s worthwhile to contemplate her mythological significance. She was the goddess of grain, fertility and the doting mother of the coveted maiden Persephone during a mythical Golden Age when the earth only knew of the bounty of spring and summer. One day, the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto who had long coveted Persephone, ravaged and kidnapped the girl taking her for his bride to the land of the dead. Devastated and enraged at the loss of her precious daughter, she plunged the earth into winter and barren landscape.

Not until Zeus agreed to allow her daughter to visit the earth again part of the year did Ceres again allow crops to grow again, which resulted in the 4 seasons – spring and summer when she was reunited with Persephone, autumn and winter when her daughter returned to the Underworld.

Astrologically, Ceres has come to represent fertility, grief, and feminine empowerment arising after a loss. When Oprah Winfrey gave her rousing speech at the Golden Globes, Ceres was conjunct the North Node of Destiny in Leo. This was a powerful grand gesture (Leo) from the great Mother figure (Ceres) sharing an inspiring message of female empowerment.

Fantasy & Pageantry

At the moment of the Full Moon, Ceres and the Leo Moon will be joined on the North Node of Neptune, infusing the pageantry and over the top emotion with a sense of fantasy and glamour. This degree is the Midheaven of Hollywood star and European princess Grace Kelly whose own life was in many ways a real-life fairytale. Interestingly, this degree is conjunct the Sun of the latest glamorous women to enter into European royalty, Meghan Markle. Perhaps there will be an ‘unbelievable’ quality in the air with this over the top Leo lunar eclipse.

As the Moon craves inspiration and urges one to find courage to shine, the planets in Aquarius call of a higher purpose to balance the glamor of the Leo Moon-NN. Aquarius is the collective interest, the human evolution, the forward momentum. With the Sun-SN-Venus-Juno acting as the reflecting mirror for the audacious Leo Moon, relationships (Venus) and partnerships (Juno) may need to allow for the Divine Child to shine.

Perhaps one ego in a relationship has finally found the courage to step into the spotlight and our love is best expressed by playing audience to another’s daring self expression. It makes me think of those men who, rather than become defensive or embattled around the #MeToo or #TimesUp movements, graciously support the rising feminine voice, even if it does turn to ire, grief and anger. It’s not personal and it’s a movement bigger than all of us that has an impact for future generations.

Lunar Eclipse Shadow

Lunar eclipses are notorious for shadow material to emerge forth, whether they be in the form of repressed memories, unprocessed emotions or the hidden secrets we keep from others or even those we may be in denial about ourselves. And with Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio, our secrets can emerge like pandora’s box. This can be a very challenging time for those facing emotional crisis and dramatic gestures will be on the rise – both positive and negative – so eclipses are a time to be sensitive to those suffering who may see no way out.

Leo Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Many of those who practice ancient magic say that eclipses are not a time for magic, especially for novices. As the luminaries are in shadow, their effects can be more unpredictable, so as a general rule, I like to keep eclipse rituals simple and ensure the timing is right.

Any lunar eclipse is essentially an amplified Full Moon which are times to release attachments to that which no longer serves our evolution. For release, ensure that your ritual is not one minute before the exact alignment of the Full Moon which is at 8:26 am EST on Jan 31. Ideally, you would conduct any rituals within the first 8 hours after the exact alignment.

Focused meditation on what has served its purpose and calls for release can help to bring the subconscious needs into conscious awareness. As this is a fire sign moon (Leo) bringing the fire element is encouraged, so safely burning one’s intentions for release can help to manifest swiftly.

The following mantra can be repeated to invoke the energies of release: